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midrange said:
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Metroid Prime 4 - Obvious why

Animal Crossing U - This would definitely help boost a lot of units

Yokai-Watch U - Now THIS would save the Wii U in Japan at least. Like it would sell pretty damn amazing. (Yokai-Watch is selling better than Pokemon in Japan. Not sure if it will sell great in the west, but it would boost Wii U in Japan)

Pokemon Red/Blue HD remake - This would boost sales practically everywhere

Nintendo making a deal with Capcom to release an exclusive Wii U Monster Hunter. If it was Monster Hunter 5, it would no doubt boost a ton. Especially in Japan.


EDIT: I am not asking for what is possible, what won't happen, what might be possible etc. 

I am not asking if it would be better for Nintendo to save these for the Wii U's successor or not. 

All I am saying with this post is what the Wii U needs in order to be saved. Regardless of probability. 

None of those games are bigger than mario kart 8/ smash Wii u. Monster hunter 5 is the only game there that would appeal to non-nintendo fans, so it is the only one of those games to actually make an impact in hardware sales.

The only game that can "save" the wii u is mario maker, as it seems to be the best gamepad centric game, with a huge ip, with a big concept of player creation. However, by "save" I mean on track to be more than 3/4 of gamecube'a lifetime sales. At this point nothing can make the wii u catch up to Xbox one let alone ps4

Animal Crossing has sold more than Smash in Japan and almost WW. Smash Wii U was at a disadvantage due to a 3DS version being released. It would have another 2.5m sales or more if there was no 3DS version. 

Metroid would give a boost in NA and Europe. Not a huge one, but good one. 

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Wii U is beyond saving, however if Nintendo can keep supporting it with games and satisfying those that have invested in Wii U, it will likely instill a bit of trust toward their next venture. I think Nintendo might have grasped the situation that those that have bought a Wii U are their hardcore fanbase, and those are the one's they cant afford to piss off, they are the "sure thing" so to speak.

Even if all of those come out it still wouldn't save the Wii U.

Why bother saving it now?

It's too late for the Wii U to be saved. People just need to accept this.

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Pardon my language, but, how in the fuck would Metroid Prime and Animal a Crossing save a console? That's some poor imagination you have right there.

How about: Super Mario Galaxy 3, Pokemon MMORPG, actually hyping Legend of Zelda?

If third parties aren't off limits. How about making deals for all sorts of exclusive content that people want? They could do a Disney/Nintendo crossover game, a Square/Nintendo crossover RPG as Mario RPG 2, there's an astronomical volume of stuff in the realm of not likely they could do.

Better question is why bother? It would be better to go with a better and more capable console and do everything right on that one instead. The Wii U is too weak to do what Nintendo wants it to do with Miiverse and everything.

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This thread is funny.

a fleshlight controller and well made western porn games...

A full AAA pokemon game on console could be interesting and world certainly help with sales

Yeah, those stuff + stuff already released would've saved it... if they all came earlier. Leaving tons of holes in the line up is probably the biggest Nintendo's fault with the Wii U. Even with all its design mistakes, bad marketing, etc. it had a very good launch and first weeks and even amazing spikes when big games released (like MK8).

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