If NX bombs like Wii U, what will Nintendo do?

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What if NX flops?

Nintendo exits home console market. 45 19.91%
Nintendo goes 3rd party. 57 25.22%
Nintendo goes full mobile... 27 11.95%
Yo Mama 97 42.92%
Slarvax said:
There are too many things to take into account. They probably would just keep making consoles.


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AbbathTheGrim said:
Abort NX even faster than the WiiU and release a new console.

exactly like sega.

Switch to PC.

Random_Matt said:
Stay in handheld and mobile. Sad, Zelda will never again hit the big screen.

If they got out of consoles i think they would create content for sony and microsoft...  Like Zelda, Metroid, Mario ect.

If NX fails to reach WiiU level sales, then I think they will team with Sony. I think that it is almost impossible for them to reach WiiU sales in the home console market ever again. They just don't have the software and services to compete with anyone else in the market.

At this point, I would love to see Japanese companies come together and turn PlayStation into a full on competitor to Windows and Mac. If Nintendo fails on their own again, then this will be the best course for them, and Sony, and the industry.

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They'll keep making games and keep making money, as always.

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Yeah if this flops, i see them switch main focus towards moblie and maybe go 3rd party and make boat loads of money

imagine the gaming world without a big screen zelda..
well i hope they switch to pc if they stop making consoles.. or join sony for exclusive

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If that happens, they should make a Doom remake for the Wii 4.

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!

If NX fails they'll get out of the console business. Probably keep making handhelds of some sort, but for consoles they'll support other platforms (Playstation, XBox, STEAM, whatever) most likely.

That'll be 3 out of 4 "failed" consoles to some degree (GCN, Wii U, and NX) if that happens and really even the N64 could be seen as a bit of a dud considering it was routed by the Playstation and ceded Nintendo's leadership position in the market. 

So the stakes are high with NX. They can't f*ck it up.