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What if NX flops?

Nintendo exits home console market. 45 19.91%
Nintendo goes 3rd party. 57 25.22%
Nintendo goes full mobile... 27 11.95%
Yo Mama 97 42.92%

Nintendo will do yo mama.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

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Full mobile/handheld

They will also try QoL devices

Wii U is big mix of mistakes, It is not by accident that Wii U is worst selling Nintendo home console ever. Thats why I think next console will certainly sold much better, Nintendo can't again repeat so much mistakes on single console even if they want. :)

I like when someone make Poll with all doom options. Lol.

The next system after that and people on the internet will come up with some crazy name like Nintendo Revolution and "NX" and make a thousand topics about it.


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Go into partnership with Microsoft and sell a cosmetic variation of the xbox under the Nintendo brand in japan.

Produce a low spec budget console capable of running Nintendo exclusive games and android games.

Create a game streaming service for smart tv's.

Create a budget VR visor for portable use

Create a wii/wii u dongle that offers plug and play games via a Nintendo streaming service

Make one last attempt at selling a mainstream home console to compete with xbox and playstation

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KBG29 said:
If NX fails to reach WiiU level sales, then I think they will team with Sony. I think that it is almost impossible for them to reach WiiU sales in the home console market ever again. They just don't have the software and services to compete with anyone else in the market.

At this point, I would love to see Japanese companies come together and turn PlayStation into a full on competitor to Windows and Mac. If Nintendo fails on their own again, then this will be the best course for them, and Sony, and the industry.

If you look number of mistakes Nintendo make with Wii U, I think it's impossible to have another home console that will have Wii U or worst than Wii U sales.

Can't say i'm bothered, only like Zelda. Hate to say it, but i hope they go 3rd party.

Will be a sad day for gaming but I think ninty will stop their business in home consoles. It's a shame there isn't market for more than 2 consoles right now. It can change though.

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...


Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, etc will find a new home on PlayStation muhahahaha!

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