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They should gauge the interest to these more than a decade old titles by browsing the Internet. That might not be a reliable source, but for some reason, it's better than giving these consenting adults the option to invest and basically purchase their favorite titles early.

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NiKKoM said:

it could set a precendent.. now its just 2 million.. " to gauge interest"... but what if they ask 30 million for the legend of dragoon.. the entire production budget..

Well If the rewards are similar to those of shenmue 3 I wouldn´t see a problem. If you backed shenmue 3 chances are you picked the 30$ or higher reward, which is a digital copy of the game. So if Sony comes out and goes like "Do you want to buy this game for 30$, even though it will release earliest in 2-3 years?" and if it is a game I want then hell yeah I´ll "preorder" it....

Yup...RO friggin rocked  

Thanks SONY without your money and idea to crowdfunded the games, there will be no Shenmue III, Just let all the hater be a hater, and i let they critic all the effort meantime i will just enjoy the games

They said they might do it with third-party titles not first-party and only to gauge the interest. I don't see the problem here.

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building the list has nothing to do with kickstarter.

Its the campaign of 3pp in regards to seeing what games can be ported or localised, such as yakuza 5. The pr guy was giving a non answer by telling you what gio and his team have been doing since the inception of 3pp.

NintendoPie said:
Would they be willing to crowd fund games on other platforms? I hear Sony's really into giving the gamers what they want.

PC - Shenmue 3 is coming to it already.


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This is a bit unsettling. I hope this means just people doing new things like Mighty No. 9 and Yooka-Laylee and not Sony crowdfunding their own IPs...



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DerNebel said:
MoHasanie said:

I don't like it. For a big company like Sony, $2m is not much so asking people to donate money makes them look cheap. I hope they don't do it for other games. 

The point isn't really them needing the $2 mil, I guess that is going to be a rather small part of this games development cost, it's lowering risk, it's avoiding the funding of games that nobody wants. Especially with these older games it can be something good if used in moderation and for the right titles. Had they done the same thing for the FF VII Remake I'd be pretty pissed as well for example, because that game originally sold 10 million copies or so and Final Fantasy is still a huge series, but Shenmue wasn't really successful when it originally released, so it kinda does make sense to test the waters before just straight up funding the third part in a series that most people have never played in their life.

Would they do it for Crash Bandicoot, then that'd suck. Medievil? That's something where testing the waters makes sense again.

Well I still don't agree with it. Had Sony not been involved, and the devs were raising money on their own, then that would have been okay. But if they were simply researching the demand for the game, then just like Sony girl said, the views and likes of a trailer would have been a much better indicator of it's success. Its really not difficult to figure out the hype for a game and I don't think they need kickstarter. 


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They're gonna bring back old long dead series and some people are acting like they are kicking puppies.