What's your most anticipated E3 press conference? (poll)

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Your most anticipated E3 conference?

Bethesda Press conference 30 5.01%
Microsoft Press conference 52 8.68%
Electronic Arts Press conference 6 1.00%
Ubisoft Press conference 3 0.50%
Sony Press conference 174 29.05%
Nintendo's Digital Event 310 51.75%
Square Enix Press conference 24 4.01%

I'll probably have them all running in the backround while I work, but the one I really look forward to is Nintendos.

I usually like Ubisofts conference because I enjoy Aisha Tylers hosting.

Sonys press conference this year might actually make me want a ps4 for the first time.

Xbox will probably just give me little stabs of sadness between the boredom, because of games like Ori and the blind Forest (maybe new banjo this year?) that I'll probably never get to play since I can't afford to spend money on a console that primarily has games I have no interest in....

For EA I have nothing but a giant MEH, but I'm interested in Squares and Bethesdas conferences.

edit: I keep forgetting Bioware is EA published so I might be actually awake for one or two minutes of that conference after all.

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They sure have new things to show. I want to know more about Starfox and Project Giant Robot

Other conferences will be just more of the same, I think. Shooters, grey/brown action games, soccer games...


Please understand!

Sony, what Sony decides effects where the console direction is going

Sony has been way too quiet for me to not be excited. There's is so much potential for them to show some big exclusive titles. I can't wait to see Horizon for the first time, and if the rumors about The Last Guardian are true, then that's just icing on the cake of awesomeness.

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The only one I would watch would be Nintendo. I hope they have Robot Chicken people working with them again this year. I never cared for E3 but I actually watched some of the digital event last year. I'm glad they dropped the routine conference. Those conferences are just a bunch of people holding each others dicks.

Sony, although I'm looking forward to everyone sony is the one who I think will surprise with huge announcements. I expect Nintendo to make announcements for games I really don't care for (animal crossing, Paper Mario ), I'm excited to see more of Zelda though.

Nintendo, I do have a funny feeling Microsoft may have a few amazing surprises though!

i am split betwenn Square and Nintendo, but if i had to choose one, it would be Nintendo