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So why the xbone that not focus on 1080p and upscale only on menu screen, don't run 60 fps or more high than ps4? He lose the point here and he play with numbers. He say don't care for 1080P but the 5 frames more because he is pc gamer, but believe me console gamers never notrice when the game run at 20 fps because is enough along is not below 10 that make the game laggy.
Seriously we say from developers here that never make console game exept once,, to be perfect on consoles.
I dont' unstersatd why he belive Sony push developers to makes 1080p? i heard that only MS doing it after remove the kinect We forget everyone say its easy to go 1080p on ps4?
I never play on pc i know pc is always better because you don't have limits for what pc you create, BUT for me res is importand because i don't understand when is 20 or 30 or 60 fps



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JazzB1987 said:

I do agree with the FPS > visuals

Secondly well..... I dunno why. I have Star Wars The Force unleashed on 360 and on PC. The PC version is locked to 30FPS and the 360 version is probably the same or even worse at times. Yet it didnt bother me when I played it on 360 and does really bother me on PC.

No idea why thats the case.

Yeah I'm usually about FPS myself and if I can crank up the  visuals and still put out 60 I will.

Also I too was bugged about TFU's fps cap since it made it kinda unplayable for me with the gameplay hanging quite frequently at 30fps (not that the PC versions of 1+2 were even god ports though), managed to find a way to unloick it to 60fps though for both the 1st, Sith edition and 2nd game over on PCG wiki: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_The_Force_Unleashed_%E2%80%93_Ultimate_Sith_Edition Very easy to get it to unlock by swapping a file.


First party games have no problem handling 1080p.

PS4 and PC gaming


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Aragami said:
gooch_destroyer said:

That's it? Impressive.

It really is, and it does look at least 2 times better than Driveclub

I knew I shouldn't have taken that Black Hole, I got stuck in Bizarro World.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


Ive seen that video from DF on the witcher 3, compaireing the Xbox one vs PS4 version in frame rates.

CUT SCENEs run at 30-20fps on the ps4 (by choice / design)....
INGAME both run 28-30fps and are about equally smooth. (theres doesnt seem to be more than 1-2 fps differnce while ingame playing it)

Basically the guy is blowing smoke up peoples arses :p


Here is the video:


the fps drop most noticeable on cutscenes where it doesnt matter as much.

During actual gameplay theres very little differnce in fps between the two.

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Please, stop promoting RTU.


What're Sony supposed to do? Send free spec upgrades to all PS4 owners?

jlmurph2 said:
Honestly I don't think 3rd party devs are being pressured by Sony to make games 1080p. I do believe they are afraid of Sony fans though. If CDPR lowered the resolution to 900p to keep a locked framerate on the Witcher 3 there would be fire in the streets and screamings of parity clauses and MS paying to lower resolutions. Sony doesn't have or need a "we have 1080p" slogan when you have the automatic backlash of a game not being 1080p. It was proven in that study that its one of the things their fans care about the most.

Well they could make it ~1000p or else something in between

The game needed more time , they needed like 2 months to fix that framerate on ps4, they keep lying saying the will fix, they keep saying next patch will fix and nothing.
Framerate is garbage , so far in this gen i never played a game in this state and game visual are not that special.
The shit that make the framerate go down its fog effects, rain effects in some areas, and fire , all these affects dont even look good to begin with.

I this because of 1080p? I dont think it is, game is bad optimized less than 20 fps in some areas is a mess.


Goodnightmoon said:
He is absolutely right. Performance over resolution any day.

And is true, is annoying how many fanboys doesn´t care about grahics when somebody compares with PC, in that situation is all about the gameplay, but in the moment there is no PC on the conversation, the Xbox one sucks because is 900p and not 1080. There is a ton of hypocrisy these days on the gamer comunity.

It's not exactly hypocrisy though. Performance and graphics will continue to matter but they aren't of much value when the system doesn't have any impressive games or great exclusives, as in the case with the PC image to the majority of console gamers. This is finally beginning to change thanks to the growth in PC game development but it'll still take time until the console community become more aware of it.

Also, it was difficult for some to resist making fun of Microsoft when they kept insisting X1 was as powerful if not more so than PS4. I wouldn't ignore the context.