Splatoon Is Going to Hit 1mil in Sales, and It Wont Take Very Long! (1 Month)

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Ka-pi96 said:
mine said:
The_BlackHeart__ said:
1 Month? I don't think so. Why?

Because Its stuck between The Witcher 3 and Batman AK + The fact that for some reason Nintendo only users are still getting grasp on how online gaming works and may not be interested in a game that relies so much on it.

With that being said, if this game had actually the exact same set up BUT it was called Mario Paintball (with Nintendo Characters) it will sell 5 million copies in 1 year easily. The attachment ratio for Mario games is just ridiculous

"The Witcher" and "Batman" - coming to Wii U??

Both titles are completly irrelevant for the Wii U owner. And they even don't compete with Splatoon as Splatoon defines a new genre within the shooter genre.

Because Wii U owners never own any other gaming devices? Also, how exactly is it 'defining a new genre'?

He said "defines a new genre within the shooter genre." which is more like "defining a subgenre" than "defining a new genre" like you put it. So you're misquoting, either because you didn't understand or because you feel the need to do it because you want to take down what he said and it works better if you argue he said "defines e new genre".

Anyway I understand what he means and agree with him. Yes it's a shooter but you compare it to almost every other shooter out there and you'll see the only similar aspect between those are, well... the fact that you're shooting. Other than that you have a shooter were you play squids who shoot ink and the objective is to paint the bigger part of the map, you superjump near your teammates at any time, has platforming twists throughout the game, you have a swim-only-in-your-territory ability, you can only walk over your paint, it's colorful, etc. It has enough carisma and caracteristics that differentiates itself from most other shooters.

If you ask to a gamer which is a better racing game, Forza Horizon or Mario Kart 8, most will give you the same answer, "they are completly different, its hard to compare". Most don't even compare a real racing simulator with an arcade simulator, let alone with a colorful kart simulator.

Well the same principle applies in this case. You try and compare, let's say, CoD or Halo or Battlefield with Splatoon, well you'll have a very hard time. Myself, as someone who plays CoD a lot, believe they are two completly differente takes on the shooter genre. So different it would be very hard for me to compare them both. Sure people will have preferences on one or the other, but those preferences will also be very related to the kind of games you prefer or if you are bored at those genres ot not. 

Now, for the "defining it" par, well it will depend a lot on exposure, success, how people will like it, even hypothetical sequels. And on these parts it seems to be headed the right way. But, as for the "genre" itself, I'd say it's a different "subgenre" when compared to most shooters on the market.

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600k in one month and one million FY perhaps but it will not sell a million in it's first month.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

If the 120k so far is true, just another 880k to go :O

If it gets a mil in one month I will sit in a bucket of ice water 4 5 mins and ask 4 a permaban

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Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

It will outsell The Order and Sunset overdrive combined.

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Serious_frusting said:
If it gets a mil in one month I will sit in a bucket of ice water 4 5 mins and ask 4 a permaban

Why do you want to get permabanned so badly? Its going to happen... 1mil in Nintendo's Quarterly report

I was thinking 1 million by the end of the Wii U life cycle, but if it can pull this off, I'd be glad.


Over 10% attach ratio for a new IP in 1 month is optmistic, but why not? The more sales the better chances of a good sequel, when talking about Nintendo.

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As it's a brand new IP, I think the first month will not be that good. But I think it'll have legs.
So my guess is FW = 450k, one month = 700k, 1 million during autumn and about 1,3 million at the end of the year. Close to 2 millions lifetime.

Serious_frusting said:
If it gets a mil in one month I will sit in a bucket of ice water 4 5 mins and ask 4 a permaban

Quoting and bookmarking even if its just a joke :D

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