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The track looks amazing! If they are going to have an Animal Crossing for Wii U I hope they put this much care into it.


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That´s another level. Nintendo is clearly improving their skills and this shows how amazing would be a new Animal Crossing for WiiU.... just imagine.

Day fucking 1... you know because I already paid for them =P

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Images shrunk down so you can't see the horrendous jaggies!

Bought both DLC packs at the same time can't wait.

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Honestly as long as they could improve the IQ and resolution ... I honestly think Nintendo could make games on this level hardware for another 10 years.

The types of art style they use don't need anything far beyond a Wii U. Colorful/cartoony graphics just look ace even on 360/PS3 level hardware.

I love that there is seasonal variants. Looking forward to see what other tracks are coming.

Wow! MK8 graphics never cease to amaze me.

Still a little disappointed how Pit was not included in the new costumes, and that only 1 track was shown during the direct. Should have made the direct like 3 mins longer....

Ahh good thing I got the bundle. :D


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