Uncharted 4 is out, let's try to predict the GOTY again?

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Who will take this?

The Legend of Zelda U 96 33.68%
Xenoblade Chronicles X 18 6.32%
Halo 5 19 6.67%
Forza 6 1 0.35%
Bloodborne 29 10.18%
Persona 5 10 3.51%
Metal Gear Solid 5 56 19.65%
The Witcher 3 21 7.37%
Batman Arkham Knight 25 8.77%
Another game 10 3.51%

Like it or not, Uncharted 4 was one of the biggest contenders to this year's GOTY.

Sadly (at least to me) it's not coming out this year, so that might chance a lot of things.

Others games will now have bigger chances with one less big game to compete with, and considering the threads about this I've saw here, this will actually have a big impact here in a lot of you guys opinion.

So, let's go for it!

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I say Zelda or MGS V PP


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Halo 5.

A lot of the stuff people think will be good seems way to niche to win GOTY awards, or at least a lot of them. So Halo seems by far the safest bet.

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I'm going with Batman. I am heavily biased and more hopeful than expectant though.

my money's on

Arkham Knight

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The same one from before Uncharted 4 was delayed, The Legend of Zelda

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Metal Gear Solid V for me

Rise of The Tomb Raider would be in the top 5 i think too

zelda or witcher 3

I never understood these threads, many different games get GOTY awards, there are several outlets handing them out.  Are we predicting what a single outlet like IGN picks?

Zelda or the Phantom Pain. I would really like if Fire Emblem IF cam reach the GOTY, but handheld titles are usually ignored for this kind of prize.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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