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Triple dipping this sumbitch.

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Fuck now I'm thinking of double-dipping . . .

Bout time. *preordered*

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I just hope they dont offer any CE for FFX or KH on Ps4. I will feel cheated!

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Ugh...well, I suppose I could trade in my PS3 copy, since saves transfer over. This would be a triple dip for me, though. Damn...

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Damn, I don't know why I read that as FFXII remastered. My hopes have been crushed.

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Enough FFX, I want FFXII!

Kowan said:
I was expecting bigger improvements but there is LITTLE TO NO improvements at all. If you adjust the contrast on your TV, you would pretty much get the same thing. Just use the Dynamic setting on your HDTVS and voila! Ps4 version! It's still 1080p. Unless it's now 60fps on the Ps4. They didn't even add high quality anti-aliasing, self-shadowing or better lighting. They just adjusted the contrast. I hope once they release a trailer for it they'll be able to show something significant since the screens they've shown so far are pretty much exactly the same as the ps3 version.

Except almost everyone was expecting barely any improvements to the visuals.

This is a huge surprise to most people.

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I purchased the PS3 version when it was $20, I'll wait until this hits $20 and get it. Atleast FF10-2 doesn't suck, so makes it somewhat worth the purchase.  I should just sell the PS3 version before before it goes for less than it already is.  I'm really only supporting this version because the PS4 has no gaemz other  than ports, that and I hope by supporting this we get an FF12 HD, still want to give that game another chance.

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