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dpmnymkrprez xstonexcold316x dedoslav BenKenobi88 ssj12 All of you, i assume that you mean that one GALLON cost's that much over there ? And i also assume that one U.S.(liquid) gallons is about 4.4 liters ?

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$3.13/gallon in Tucson AZ for regular unleaded gas. +0.20 for premium.

$1.30AU (per litre) here in Australia - about $1.15 US. So 1 gallon is about $5US.

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Haha I love NJ.  Gas is $2.88 or so per gallon here.

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Yeah, that's the price for one gallon. I think one gallon is something like 3.8 liters, not 4.4.

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$2.95 in north carolina

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Hahaha, one of the best things in Venezuela is the gasoline cost. The litre is about 4 CENTS!!!, so you could make a full tank with less than $2!, here we have the 2nd best gasoline in the world(and it's exported to USA mostly and Europe). The bad point is that the roads are in bad state. We have expencive electronics(PS3 about $1300) but cheap gasoline and the diesel is even cheaper.

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I think it was 3.4$/gallon something for regular here in LA, keeps going up week to week...

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Yes, gallon sorry. I wish we didn't use the English system, but we still do... Except for miles...I can't think in anything but miles...I would not be able to switch to kilometers.

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$3.72/gallon premium Miami, Florida

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