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Choose one.

Jesus Christ is the risen Lord! 229 30.78%
Muhammad is the prophet of Allah! 71 9.54%
Happy late Diwali! 7 0.94%
I am Atheist or Agnostic. 325 43.68%
Buddha Buddha he's the m... 10 1.34%
Sikhism! 3 0.40%
I am a Jew, and Jesus ain't the Messiah! 5 0.67%
Wicca! 10 1.34%
SATAN 39 5.24%
Something else (Specify) 44 5.91%

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The USA is a Christian nation (Technically), Arabia is the land of Islam, what about VGChartz? 

I really want to know the most common belief here - Thus this thread was made.

Please do not debate anyone - If someone attacks a religion (In a bad way) report them for flaming.


I'm a Christian - Meaning the results creep me out!

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Why Nintentacle, why? You know where threads with religious topics always end up... No matter what, if you bring up religion, everything is doomed to fail and crash.

Just why? :/

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Christianity, I've been one since I was an infant

VGChartz is fairly diverse faith wise but I am guessing agnostic is the most popular answer.

I am an atheist.

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I was raised in the Catholicism, but I don't have any interest to follow this and any other religion right now.

So consider me an ignorant guy. 

Christian...maybe you could make a poll?

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Btw. I'm Catholic.

I shall not name my religon
give you a hint its not judaism


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