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Should Nintendo consider removing the gamepad from future WiiU bundles.

Remove the gamepad 98 34.75%
Keep the gamepad 155 54.96%
View results 29 10.28%

The gamepad's only flaw is price.

Problem is, removing it leads to an even greater problem right now.

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lol..oh lawd

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No they should keep the game pad. I don't like it but it's way too late to take it out. Should have had it in the first place though

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My nephew drop a hammer on his gamepad this was like a month ago. Needless to say this would count as physical damage.

My sister call customer service and ask about getting it repaired .... We're in Canada.

The cost to replace the gamepad is $99 plus $10 Shipping and handling. So as it stand my nephew can no longer play the WiiU and my sister doesn't not want to pay for the repair cost.

The gamepad would therefore make up a third of the system price.

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If they could implement a better UI for navigation on a Pro controller they should consider offering a SKU without gamepad, it would knock about $80 off the price which would certainly sell more consoles. Nintendo is trying to sell to core gamers now, the casuals that bought the Wii all went to iOS and Android, and core gamers care about things like price/performance ratio, Wii U currently has the worst price/performance ratio this gen because of the extra cost associated with the Gamepad.

The gamepad may well be the most revolutionary thing ever, it might improve your gaming experience by offering easier UI navigation in games, as well as offering more control options for games (Star Fox U for instance), but core gamers don't care about any of that, just look at Kinect. Microsoft unbundled Kinect and it was the right thing to do, it boosted sales considerably. It wouldn't hurt those who have a Wii U with a Gmepad much at all, they'd still get games that have Gamepad features, they could still use the Gamepad for things they already use it for. SKU's with Gamepad's would still be available as an option for those who want them. I honestly don't know why some people are so dead set against it being unbundled. 

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Unless they are absolutely sure they have a killer game that fully utilises the game pad, or atleast a number of decent games that make good use of it, then keep it. otherwise ditch the b*tch and sell it with just an amiibo reader instead

The only people relevant to this poll a are the ones who won't buy a wii u because of the gamepad. Anyone's personal liking for it is irrelevant. It should be optional, not mandatory.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Poll will obviously end with 'keep the gamepad' winning.

But IMO it shouldn't even be a keep or don't keep thing, there should just be an option for those that would rather have a cheaper console. I don't see why Nintendo can't keep their current Wii U models while also offering a cheaper alternative with no gamepad.

I don't think that anyone saying they should drop the gamepad means that they should stop selling the bundle with it. Just do what Microsoft did with Kinect.

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AZWification said:

Nope.. God, these GamePad-related questions are getting kinda tedious.. :/

Agreed.  And it's always the same usual suspects who would never buy a WiiU anyway.  They just feel superior because their console is performing better in the market and therefore they think they are filled with wisdom about what the gaming market wants.  They fail to realize that not all markets are the same, nor should they be.

No gamepad please. It's as useless as the second screen on the 3ds.