Edit: Anita Sarkeesian is not helping with the development of Mirrors Edge; Rejoice!

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Are they insane and want ME to tank? Hiring that con-artist is just going to piss people off.

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Signed it.

LudicrousSpeed said:
Damn she is playing this role amazingly well. Must be making shitloads of money.

Not getting paid for it, just beeing covered for any expenses

Who is this person and why should I care?

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Why don't she uses her supposed influence to make Fifa woman 2016, NBWA 2016, and others?

I certainly see a reason to complain why there isn't more female sport games than others genre that we have no proeminente women to base on.

Maybe we should complain and ban mirror's edge because it portrays men as corrupt, abusive, cowards, etc.

@Ludicrous, will you buy super defense force for ps4?

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I really don't see her contributing much to anything with regards to game development. It's more likely EA brought her on board, or more specifically, someone with some clout within the development team, for promotional purposes in the interest as promoting Mirror's Edge as a positive, feminist friendly game.

The thing is, it's completely unnecessary; the original Mirror's Edge already did that. It just didn't find a large enough audience to warrant the immediate creation of a franchise the way EA wanted.

It's shifty and panders to a self-professed progressionism (not a real word) that video games really don't need to legitimize the medium.

But for what it's worth, having her receiving a paycheck and a developer's credit won't likely have any effect on the game itself, barring an idea or two that may make it through the development process.

You guys afraid your male chauvinistic ways can get hurt by 1 person having input into a game? Considering there are no doubt 50 or more people working on the game, her voice is not a big one.

Get over yourselves. A petition is just childish, regardless of her 'scewed' perspective.

Hmm, pie.

I don't see the problem with it. Anita really nose a lot!

This is stupid and dumb. I curse all who agree to this. Please feel pain and suffering. Then sleep and feel better the next day. But please remember that you were dumb yesterday.

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Nothing against female developers or women in general, but I really, really loathe this woman as a human being (not as a woman). In fact, pretty much every radical feminist because it's not about equality anymore, their arguments suck anyway, and they're the most aggressive single group I think I've ever seen.

Not signing though, she shouldn't be able to damage the game too much and if she can, it'll be EA's problem first and foremost.