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Working on my profile brah.... looks like you like to chat online alot with your big 10 k + points

Yes, my entire existence revolves around some arbitrary points a website generates. If there is a way for a moderator to do it, I will gladly gift all my points to you.

that is very generous of you

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lol so they lost interest in the console because they were unable to obtain it in the grey colour?

your friends sound like a riot man

Viltgance said:

So all in all the show itself was decent but the way they handled the Limited edition 20th Anniversary ps4s was a nightmare and left a bitter taste in many peoples mouths.  First off the mislead everyone by stating days before that they would have important information about how to order the anniversary ps4 during the keynotes and yet they didn't say anything at all on how to order it, that itself was a 2 hour sitting.  Then from outside sources rumor was that they would release something on Twitter, which they ended up putting up a statement an hours later saying "they will tweet out a link soon".  Then another 2 hours pass and they finally Tweet the link.  So far they dragged people along all day for about 5 hours.  So if you were lucky enough to hear from someone to go to Twitter you would find the link and it would lead you to a crashing website with error messages out the ahole. 

  I was sitting watching the entire event unfold with a few friends who were sitting beside me with laptops very excited to try and get this because they were die hard ps1 fans from the beginning and waiting for a cool limited edition console to make the plunge into next gen.  So after finally getting their anniversary Ps4's in their shopping carts and all the way to the final stage in checkout with paypal....the site crashes again.  They literally had those ps4's in their shopping carts for about 2 hours since the tweet refreshing furiously and finally they were removed and left out in the cold.  Now, my buddies are so pissed off they are seriously considering not even bothering with ps this gen and just playing PC for 3rd party games and Wii U for exclusives.   Why would Sony want to let so many people down on such a big weekend for them that is suppose to be very special.

Yes, the sale was completely mishandled.  I don't know why they did not announce anything at the keynote; someone forgot or they didn't do it because they ran over time or whatever.  They should have done it as a drawing.  Everyone place your order within 1 or 2 hours, and then a lucky few will get one.  It is supposed to be very limited after all.

Anyhow, I'm pissed off by that but I'm not going to not play my PS4 because of that.  There's also mullions that don't care at all.  The sad thing is that the biggest fans are the ones who wanted this.... that plus the scalpers.

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Viltgance said:

Doesn't bother me, I don't support Sony

well why not? sony needs your support now more than ever

i think you should do your part for sony by buying a console and some games

Were you at the event itself? I think they said more info on how to get them at the event itself. The stream did not show everything on the event. That was just the Keynote. Even the later streams weren't everything. They had panels, interviews and special viewings on many other halls and room that were and is not gonna be available for streaming.

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i really doubt that these consoles will hold their price, 12k is a big number.

... This is a stupid thread.

No fucking way, did that seriously happen to you guys?!?! Oh man. Fuck you, SONY!!! *Smashes PS4 to the ground*

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Your buddies sounds like a bunch of whiny brats.

That is such a minor complaint, it's not even worth addressing. It's limited edition, a collectible, very few will get their hands on it. That's what makes it freaking special.

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Yeah, this is on your friends. The event was about the games, you are acting like it was only about the LE console.

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