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This Polygon article discusses a potential acquisition of Nintendo. Personally, I would be ok with this only and only if Nintendo as a whole doesn't change. What I mean by that is, they still make games and consoles and everything is exclusive to them. But, Disney can use their IP's in things such as movies and in their theme parks. The author of the article does make some good points, especially in relation to Iron Man where he was kinda just a B-list superhero until Disney gave him a marketing push ect. I feel like they could work wonders with Metroid and Star Fox in that department, imagine a full live-action Metroid movie by Disney(like Maleficent or the new Cinderella movie) accompanied by a Nintendo metroid game? Fox and his crew could be a good idea for an animated movie and could give the video game series a much needed rebirth. A Mario movie? A Legend of Zelda movie? Both I think are great candidates for movies because like Wall-E proves, a character doesn't necessarily have to speak much to make a great movie.

On the console side of Nintendo, this could be a huge benefit, Disney is such a huge company that 3rd party developers really just cant ignore considering how much power they have, 3rd parties could just flock to a new powerful Nintendo system just because they would have the support of Disney. Nintendo having the backing of a TV station like ABC and ABC family during the Christmas is pretty big. The part where I see this getting problematic for us Nintendo fans is if Disney would want to drop the console division and make games for the other systems. Just some food for thought I guess.

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No thanks, I don't need Micky Mouse and all the other nonsense characters in Smash Bros


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They refused $25 billion offer from Microsoft (back in 90s). Lol. This wont be happening.

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
No thanks, I don't need Micky Mouse and all the other nonsense characters in Smash Bros


Off topic. But I think a Kingdom Hearts Vs Marvel fighting game could make a fine alternative to Smash Bros if done right.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Honestly, I used to say that could never happen but after the Lucas Arts and Marvel acquisitions, I'm not really sure that it's out of their realm...

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So this is fiction? No actual talks right? It should be because Nintendo will be acquired by satan himself before they get acquired by another company, let alone not being a game company. In the idea that they will be used simply for movies.... I'm not against the idea but Nintendo would be. They make sure that their characters don't talk to hide their personalities so you can make up your own. That's the premise with silent characters and which is one of the many why, I think, Mario and Zelda have lasted this long. Sounds good on paper, but Nintendo would have to let them do it, and that ain't happening. Though you mention Wall-E, those are movies that started out as movies. Moving from games to movies, that said movie would have a lot to prove due to its background and thus would need a lot of truth holding to the movie.

Will not happen...

I think Nintendo would ask far more than Disney would be willing to pay.

I would prefer Nintendo stay independent, but if Nintendo were to collaborate with Disney for certain projects I think that would be pretty interesting.

If Nintendo retained autonomy then I'd be fine with it.

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