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What did you think about their reactions

Awesome - As expected 28 21.05%
Awesome - And I was surprised 6 4.51%
Okay - As expected 36 27.07%
Okay - And I was surprised 6 4.51%
Terrible - As expected 51 38.35%
Terrible - And I was surprised 6 4.51%


Kids React to Game Boy.

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outlawauron said:
Also, why do people associate ignorance of old things with stupidity. I'm too young to know about things before SNES, and the games I've played before that generation, I can count on one hand. I just don't care about it.

I can forgive the ignorance. That doesn't bother me. If you were never exposed to something, then it's hard to get used to it. However, the fact that some of these kids know about games and play on the new consoles is disturbing because that says something. It says that games today do not challenge players enough. It also says that games today hold your hand too much. How is it that a more complext game in full 3D provides less of a challenege than a more intuitive and simplistic 2D game? Also, how can you not figure out how to master controls on a controller that contains four buttons and a d-pad wirhout reading instructions (also assuming that the game's controls aren't shit)? 

This is real problem. Back when I was a kid, actually beating a game was a huge reward. I rarely ever got to see an ending of a videogame. This is because most games were extremely difficult. It had to be this way because developers couldn't make long games that weren't RPG's due to technical shortcomings. However, the brutal difficulty of games improved hand-eye cordination and made us better gamers. SInce we had to master our games, that also meant that we kept them for a while. This is something publishers and developers should take note of. If they don't want second hand sales of their games, then they should learn to make something that's compelling and that the player would want to pick up again and again, not sometihng you would beat in a weekend and never want to touch again or something that focuses on story over gameplay, which makes play not want to play it again when the game's done.

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Haha the Elders react to Oculus Rift is pretty cool, I really want to get this thing.


I love that Maisie Williams just shows up on these now. She's been on a couple already.

I do agree that it's a bit of a shame that younger gamers don't get to experience the stuff that us born between, I guess, 1975-1985-ish, got to experience. I for one am slowly building my collection of older consoles, and plan on making my kids play the stuff I grew up with, at least while they're young and I can control them :P

I'm 19....and now I feel old.

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Gammalad said:
I'm 19....and now I feel old.

It's funny because you're the same age as them.

Some of them are only 2 or 3 years younger then me.

TBH you could get a bunch of teenagers and do the same thing with Wii U, XBone, PS4. Smartphones are more known.

I like that the hottest babe is also the best player. hmmm.

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Gammalad said:
I'm 19....and now I feel old.

No, you are simply more special than them...

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Soundwave said:
JazzB1987 said:
tsogud said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
"Is this a gameboy?'

I want to punch all of them

Seriously and when the girl said "I have an iphone case like this!" I was all YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WAS!!!


Typical human tho  buying and doing things just because others do it. without knowing anything about it

I'm sure when you were 16 you knew everything about pop culture from 10 years before you were born. 

What? What does age have to do with that? Just look at the average joe human no matter the age. And btw YES I knew about the band ABBA or even The BeachBoys or Elvis Presley and what an Atari was etc. because its simply common knowledge and I educate myself when I come in contact with something especially when I am planning on using something myself.

And tbh one would be pretty ignorant to put this on ones phone without even trying to find out what it actually was.

I mean seriously have fun wandering around with an iPhone cover thats show a swastika in the bronx just because you like the colors....(this is not pop culture but still)