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Nothing to report on my end.

You were attacked by padib, prof? If that's the case, i think that's our man. My guess is that Eric is still mere scum and not the nuker. Especially since padib made certain claims about what he would do if left alive for the Night, and did none of them, apparently.

We need to hear from padib much more than Eric.

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Wonktonodi said:

Sadly no.

If this is true and you are just that, a Marine (With no shield or stim), then it makes me feel good about imp's claim too. 2 standard marines, 2 stim marines, 2 shield marines. That seems pretty legit.

I am Terran, which is all I will reveal about myself until Eric has claimed..

Which does actually just leave padib and Eric, IMO.

Time to hammer that nail firmly in the coffin of our rogue Ghost. Its one of them. Im leaning padib right now but as a placeholder;

I vote for EricFabian


Make that 4 standard marines, I forgot about the 2 deaths.

Don't forget Wright, too.
We need to hear back from him again.
We need to make sure that his result on night 2 was that padib wasn't invisible etc etc.

If padib was off preparing his charge or whatever, it's possible that he couldn't be targeted at all. We need to make sure that Wright has an actual result, and not just some vague "no result" response.

Padib attacking me could just mean he is mafia. Hopefully wright can confirm that.
This would then mean that padib is the traitor role I talked about (ally to mafia) and eric is the nuke.

Wright, Padib, Eric

Waiting on you.

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theprof00 said:
I cleared cone and carl with my scans. Neither is the nuke.



Vote Eric.

Wouldnt at all be surprised if padib flips an Amon or Kerrigan by the way, maybe even Overmind.

(2) EricFabian - Carl2291, WhiteEaglePL
(2) padib - theprof00, ConeGamer

(8) Not Voting - EricFabian, impertinence, Mr Khan, padib, radishhead, TruckOSaurus, Wonktonodi, Wright

With 12 alive, it takes 7 to lynch.

Day 4 will last until a lynch occurs.  There is no deadline.

Please PM Smeags or myself if there's an issue with the vote count.

Eh, he's already divulged that he's third party.
THere's really no reason to hide his role at this point.

I'm just really curious to know the purpose of his role. (if he's not the nuker)

Wright, padib, and eric are the only options, though i thought we trusted Wright?

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