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What Was the Greatest Year In Gaming?


For me it was 2007 cause there were so many good games released in that year.

I think 2015 will become the best though with so many amazing games like Halo 5, Uncharted 4, Zelda U, Batman, The Witcher, Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, The Order and many more coming out. 


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1998 (Baldur's Gate, Grim Fandango, Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, Starcraft, Thief, Fallout 2, Gran Turismo)


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either 1998 or 2004.

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1998 because of ocarina of time and half life


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Hopefully 2015 but if not, 2007


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The year the NES saved the industry.

The NES gave birth to the SNES etc

The SNES gave birth to the Playstation (which killed Sega T.T)

Playstation gave birth to the Xbox.


Half Life, OoT, Starcraft


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2001 gta 3 or 2010 red dead redemption LA Noir

wow im so rockstar biast..... maybe I should try gta 5

okr said:
1998 (Baldur's Gate, Grim Fandango, Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, Starcraft, Thief, Fallout 2, Gran Turismo)


I'd throw MGS in there as well though.

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