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It looks like Activision will bring back dusty old video game label Sierra.

A new video, published yesterday by a channel called Sierra Games, revealed a fancy new logo, and promised more information at Gamescom next week. The Sierra.com website has been revived, too.

Sierra was responsible for a number of much-loved 1980s adventure games and, later, published Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon games. Space Quest, King's Quest and Police Quest all launched under its banner.

In 2003 Sierra published Relic Entertainment's real-time strategy game Homeworld 2 before shifting to focus on online games. In 2007 it released World in Conflict and Timeshift.

But following the 2008 merger between Activision and Videndi, which owned Sierra at the time, the company was shut down. Now current trademark owner Activision Publishing appears to be reviving it. But for what?


I'm actually a little excited, sierra produced so many great games (and a ton of crappy ones, but hey) though being under the boot of activision forces me to check my expectations.  Really I just hope someone has finally found the ever elusive rights to no one lives forever so it can finally come to steam or gog.

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Seems a little odd to me, if Activision will be doing it anyway why not just release it under the Activision label?

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Ka-pi96 said:
Seems a little odd to me, if Activision will be doing it anyway why not just release it under the Activision label?

I agree, quite strange. Is this why they dropped Crash from their sites so they can publish him under Sierra again? If so i'll be devastated. I really thought Sony might have aquired Crash from them after all the rumours that were going around a while back.

Can't wait which old franchise they're gonna rehash :)

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Yes, their Wikipedia page has also been updated with new logo and everything.

I for one would like a new Caesar, Pharaoh or something else from their old City-Building Series. I loved those games. A new Crash is of course always welcome, if it's as good as the PS1 Crashes .


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Probably the Gabriel-Knight-1-remake will run under this label.

Sierra is the marionette and Activision is the puppet master.

Oh hell yes!

Doubt its Spryo. There was a Crash site leaked awhile ago, but I think they'd want to track him towards Skylanders.

Fingers crossed for a new Quest game/HD remakes!!!!

Please no Leisure Suit Larry

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Holy shit! Sierra is a f***ing legend!

Labels most dear to me during my childhood PC gaming era were Interplay, LucasArts and Sierra.
A new SWAT game looks very likely now. :)

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