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Lately there have been quite a lot of gamers complaining about the price of The Last of Us Remastered, expressing the position that $50 for a remaster is too much. Sound Designer Robert Krekel, who now works at Sony Santa Monica but previously applied his talent to Naughty Dog’s masterpiece took issue at the concept on Twitter:

People think $50 is too much for TLoU remastered? A ton of work went into it and it has all the DLC included. $50 bucks is a steal IMO.

I mean even if you bought the PS3 version it’s $30 then only buying the Left Behind DLC you be spending $45

Robomodo co-founder Josh Tsui replied tongue-in-cheek “They didn’t just push a “make higher res textures and frame rate” button? That’s all @ToddDFoster does” (Todd Foster is one of Naughty Dog’s artists), and Krekel continued:

That’s probably a lot more complicated than most want to think it is. Would be nice if it was possible though.

It’s definitely hard to argue against Krekel’s argument. Many indeed seem to think that porting a game developed to work with the cell to a new console with an entirely different architecture, adding effects, high resolution textures and making it run at twice the frame rate is an easy task. As a matter of fact, the internet seems to be full of people that feel that developing games in general is simple (we probably have more armchair developers than armchair coaches).

It isn’t, but if you think the price of The last of Us Remastered is too high, you can simply leave it on the shelf, or wait for a price drop. It’s really that simple.



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It's worth $50...

Don't see why a great game with up to date graphics and additional content wouldn't be worth 50 bucks.

Value is probably only beaten by the Master Chief collection.

It's easier to attack users, than it is to create deep, robust, and rewarding software.

Only idiots would think that it wasn't worth $50.

Sadly, the internet is full of those.

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He didn't work on the Remaster, why is he even talking?

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well worth it, so close!

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Its a steal alright...

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It sure is a steal. Most people would have been happy with $60 and reducing it has made it a bargain.

For people that haven't already bought it yeah it's a great deal. Those that have already bought it however...

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KLXVER said:
Its a steal alright...

It's a bargain, yes. Tho, I'm sure you have a second meaning to what you're saying. Care to discuss your thoughts?