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nuckles87 said:
No. Wii sold spectacularly for four years. If PS4 is really slowing down NOW, it's pulling a Dreamcast more then anything else.

That said, I'm sure things will pick up once it has a library worth buying it for.

Wii also fell off a cliff after 4 years ps4 won;t and will sell longer. Pulling a dreamcast? LOL what does that make x1 and wii-u then? Ridiculous downplaying.

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Just had a look at its top games.
Half of them are not party, dance or fitness related. The PS4 is undoomed!

LMAO @ PS4 pulling a Dreamcast. This is my new favourite thread :D

There is even an early pricecut by some online store (Dell).


everyone has one now I guess :/


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RenCutypoison said:
There is even an early pricecut by some online store (Dell).


Just to build on this, if anyone hasn't bought a PS4 and is genuinely thinking of getting one, Dell are having an amazing offer on one.


Add to cart and you'll also get a $100 Dell gift card voucher which will be delivered 10-20 days later. So that's an extra $100 you can spend on games. So get Destiny & TLOU when they come out soon!

They also have a great deal on XBO, $440 with 1 year XBL Subscription and also the $100 voucher.

Man I wished I lived in America :(

The PS4 will win, but it won't dominante like the PS1/PS2 did, most likely.

Xenostar said:
Another one that thinks you can catch up by selling less weekly.

He is right, the numbers don't lie and spell disaster for Sony!!

Sony is selling real numbers to actual gamers of most types. The Wii sold to everyone but their sales show they didnt really sell to core gamers outside of the Nintendo fanbase.

XBone is selling because of it's price cut, which will fall of eventually, while PS4 is still #1 despite having 0 AAA exclusives to sell it right now. Once games like TLoU, DriveClub, Destiny Bundle, Bloodborne, and The Order start inching, PS4 is only going to move up. Sure same will happen to XBone and Wii-U, but games like Titanfall and MK8, despite being 2 of the most hyped games of the year, proved that even those couldn't push those consoles past PS4.

The Wii did what it did because after Nintendo launched their big 10 in it's first 4 years and the motion control fad finally died, there was no reason for people to run out and buy them anymore. Sony has proven with the last 3 consoles and 20 years of Playstation that they know how to keep them going for a long time. PS4 might fall behind Wii sales for a while, but it'll still outsell it in the end.

Just give it a rest Toastboy. It'll be okay if PS4 maintains #1 this generation. It won't be the end of the world for your XBone. In fact, it'll only give MS more reason to try harder and innovate the console to give you a better experience.

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