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What is the Golden Age of Gaming??

1st Gen 6 1.09%
2nd Gen 11 2.00%
3rd Gen 26 4.73%
4th Gen 161 29.27%
5th Gen 137 24.91%
6th Gen 133 24.18%
7th Gen 58 10.55%
8th Gen 13 2.36%
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i wonder if the answer would shift to 6th gen 10 years from now

Milennials will never know about the golden age of gaming. The greatest companies who survived the arcade era existed back then and the non-pc games were still doing very well during the golden era. Sega and Nintendo were duking it out, MS wasnt here and Sony was just entering the industry.

Given that this is very much a opinionated question (unless you are looking at sales and stuff), then you can't say that they will never know the golden age of gaming.


Seriously, during the golden age of gaming all types of gaming were doing well. Arcades were thriving, Consoles were growing in popularity and PC gaming was in its own world. I started gaming during the 90's but the spark seem to have started in the 80's into the 90's. Japan was doing extremely well as well.

so, you actually mean that the 7th gen was the golden age of gaming? I mean, sure arcades weren't thriving during the 7th gen, but as it has been pointed out earlier in this thread, litterally every system sold massive numbers during the 7th gen. 

Just to remind you of the incredible sales:

DS: ~150 million sold

Wii:~100 million sold

PS3~82 million sold

Xbox 360~82 million sold

PSP~80 million sold

PS: Nice stealth edit, but I saw that you wrote "was the bronze age an opinion?" like seriously? What kind of question is that? It's not even remotely comparable with this!


I edited out that statement because I felt sorry for being rather dickish, but no I doubt many would consider the 7th gen the golden age. Many who know gaming history know the 80's to mid 90's was the period where gaming was pretty much at the height of fun and just being untouchable. So many games were created during this period and it didnt take three to four years to make a game. Companies like Rare could pop out 4 games within a two year span for Nintendo. The Arcades were thriving. During the 7th generation despite the huge sales, we witnessed the falls of many companies. We came to the conclusion that AAA games would be the downfall of numerous companies. Capcom...one of the headlining companies of the golden age is on their way out unless someone purchases them. Despite what people people about Capcom today, they once had a very strong tradition of delivering high quality products at one time and the golden age was that time. There was no Square Enix during the golden age, it was just Squaresoft.

The votes seem to agree with what I am saying as well and my favorite console of all time wasnt even in the golden age. The PS2 was a generation off.

As I said in an earlier post this is all a question of definition. What decides "the golden age"? Given that we can't (I don't think we can anyway) put any fixed criteria that all agrees on on what defines "the golden age" there is no true answer to this question, if you know what I mean. Sorry about the slight rage, I just got a bit insulted by that bronze age comment.

also @bold- are you suggesting Square Enix is worse than Squaresoft? Blasphemy!

Around the 5th and 6th gen the industry hit its mark in popularity and Sony joined and the popularity of the industry exploded. Microsoft didnt really expand the size of the overall marketshare, they kind of just took from Sony but the popularity and value of gaming boom started from the 80-90's. Everywhere you looked in the 90's gaming was accessible. Sure, there weren't cellphone games or indie titles, but what we consider indie today was actually to main or major title of yesteryear. AAA titles are in fact killing off companies faster than building the industry. The golden age was successful for companies because making games was more affordable and profiting was just as profitable if your game found a following.

As for Square....I loved Vagrant story and the final fantasy games of old. Bushido blade was awesome as well. What you're seeing today out of Square Enix is Square/Enix/Eidos. All three of those companies did their own thing in the olden era. Eidos was on the PS1 and making games for PC as well.

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Gen 4 was the Golden Age. When people think of classic gaming they may have some thoughts of Gen 3 but I think Gen 4 will stick out more as "classic" Golden Age gaming. It saw the birth of a real PC gaming environment, too.

I think we haven't experienced anything like the slump of comics between the golden and silver ages, though. We kind of hit the golden age and then in general just kept going up with wider audiences, new technology, and diversification and innovation in the medium.

ghettoglamour said:
I'm sure 8th gen will have the best games ever made. People voting for old ass gens are delusional. Don't tell me you'd rather pick a SNES over a PS3 for example, if you could only choose one.

LMAO. PS3 isn't bad, but I can name plenty of consoles that beats PS3 in quality.

NES/Famicon, SNES/Super Famicon, Genesis/MegaDrive, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1, & PS2 come to mind.

Gen 3 started the cult following for sure, but in my opinion, how the stage was set in Gen 4 really helped video gaming culture take off. It is due to such fierce competition that some of the best games of all time came from that era.

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third or forth, can't decide which one

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For me it was definitely the 7th Gen. The 360's living, breathing online community was just amazing to be a part of!

5th to end of 6th.

1979-1983, 1986-2016

1990's PC gaming and the SNES.  The technological innovation on both those fronts could potentially never be matched again.

5th gen is best gen