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Cross Gen, BOOO!!!!

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Sucks that it isn't coming to Wii U. I'll have to just stick with Injustice, it's unwanted step brother.

Well, this is new.


DevilRising said:
TheDarkLink said:
So I can't buy it because it's not coming to Nintendo WiiU!!!

That's not 100% yet. It may. Injustice didn't do GREAT for Wii U, but Warner Bros., aside from the new Batman, seems to still be supporting...so who knows.

But why does the Nintendo WiiU versions get not announced along with the other ones when it will be released on the Nintendo WiiU???

Can't wait to see more of it. Can't judge gameplay based on a pre-rendered trailer, but I'll just assume it will be fun, gory action and it will step up the last MK.

I loved the X-Ray moves from the latest MK, but it was jarring to watch your opponents leg bones shatter, then have them fighting normally for the rest of the round.

Seems like they've added plenty more of the X-Ray moves here without consequence.

Other than that, it looks promising, I never really liked the classic MK fighting mechanics, but enjoyed those of the latest MK.

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On one hand I am very excited as liked the last one, on the other I really do not understand cross-gen in 2015 and hope there are two distinct makes rather than current gen having to sacrifice much.

It's pretty impressive how they turned Mortal Kombat from a franchise that I thought was almost completely irrelevant about half a decade ago into what it is now. Seems like it's more relevant these days than the majority of the Japanese brawlers, bar Street Fighter.

Cross-gen on this announcement isn't surprising. I'd imagine they still have a lot of last-gen sales to garner from people who haven't upgraded yet. Though by 2015, who knows.

kitler53 said:

i'll just port my forza comment..

da fuq? cross gen? will no one commit to next gen?

Fighters need it? cross gen is fine so long it is not a FPS.

Cross gen.... in 2015?? Thats just wrong.

Awesome looking trailer though, however I think that they should just kill the use of CG trailers in games. Thats like casting willis and denzel for a live action trailer to hype up a poorly made animated movie with vandam and snipes (not saying they are bad but you get my point).

Amazing judging by gameplay.