Does PS4 need a system seller this year?

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WIll the PS4 be fine without The Order?

Yes they have 3rd party g... 102 49.28%
Nope they need exclusives 73 35.27%
Why aren't you talking about the WiiU? 30 14.49%

PS4 already has a system seller. It's called XBOX One.

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HipHopGodd said:
PS4 already has a system seller. It's called XBOX One.

I tought the name was Amazon.

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nope its fine now stop questioning :)


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In all honesty though, I'd like to see a bit more than these cheesy indy titles. They're all rated so highly because they're different and new but they've all been pretty boring and definitely what I bought PS4 to play. Since Second Son the only PS4 game I've been able to not get bored with after a few hours is Bound By Flame and it's not so great.

HipHopGodd said:
In all honesty though, I'd like to see a bit more than these cheesy indy titles. They're all rated so highly because they're different and new but they've all been pretty boring


Resogun and Transistor are fantastic. IMO better than any XB1 exclusive. And better than several PS4 (AAA) and Wii U exclusives as well. Helldivers and Velocity 2X look hella fun too.

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Yes it does, and it will. Driveclub, The Order 1886, TLOU Remastered, and Infamous SS (for those who don't have the console yet) could all be possible candidates. Furthermore any Final Fantasy XIV player looking to upgrade won't hesitate to go with the PS4 as well seeing as how the upgraded version of the game is free of charge. Already things are looking good...however...

People will want to know that there is more on the horizon. MS isn't pulling any punches in this aspect and even though they don't offer more at the moment, you can bet your ass they will have a couple of things to bring to E3. One of the reasons people went with the PS4 to begin with is history. The PS3 had more quality exclusives by the end of the gen, and 360 1st party all but vanished at the end. So far things are pretty neck and neck with the offerings with both offering roughly the same amount of content.


Infamous Second Son
Killzone SF
GoW Ascension Remastered
MLB The Show 2014
The Order 1886 (possibly pushed back to feb??????)
Final Fantasy XIV AAR


Forza 5
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2??????
New Fable??????
Halo 2 remastered

As far as indies go, the PS4 has better indie support hands down, but the X1 does have a few gems. The PS4 has everything in motion, but that doesn't mean that they can just sit back and do nothing. Sony NEEDS and WILL have a killer E3 this year, as will MS. If they didn't bother with system sellers the momentum would shift over the next year for the same reason many 360 gamers jumped ship because even if the multiplats will be better on the PS4, exclusives sell consoles.

Need proof? Exclusives is what made the PS3 pull ahead even with inferior multiplat title in many cases.

Need more? Exclusives ensured that the PS2 era was as legendary as it was.

More still? Lack of Exclusives is why the Vita is hurting in the West right now.

All Sony has to do at this point with the PS4 is not FK up, which means keep giving us reasons to pick the PS4 over the competition through quality exclusive titles and offering new experiences that gamers actually have an interest in.  This can't happen if they sit back and do nothing.

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nope. people will still buy it because they are still excited for some reason.

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I don't care about indies or systems sitting on store shelves. I care about the ones sitting in my living room. My Xbox and PS4 needs real AAA exclusives and I still have hope that something will get announced at E3.

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

I don't think so cause the "definitive" (hate that word) version of all the third party games will probably be the ps4 version unless the games are exclusive to its competitors... So the ps4 probably got the 3rd party support it wants and unless x1 has a system seller this e3, I think the ps4 has nothing to worry about as of yet

Sony still needs system sellers. If they don't maintain their lead, Nintendo and MS will gain ground. Having the definitive version will help, but that won't replace exclusives. Japan is also a question mark right now, but how that will turn out remains to be seen. As for this year, there will be a couple of exclusives revealed, so the PS4 will probably get another system seller. 

Vasto said:
I don't care about indies