What was the First Game and Console you bought with your own cash?

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Nintendo DS lite with pokemon diamond for 119.99 back in 2007.


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PS4 was the first console i bought with my own money (my parents always bought me PS systems for Xmas) I'm not sure what my first game was, but i think it was Star wars Battlefront on PS2.

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PS3 with Heavy Rain and Uncharted 1-3.

PS3 when I was 12 (2008). It bankrupt me.

As for games, I can't really remember that far back to say for sure, but I remember buying Sonic Adventure 2 when I was about 7 (2003).

I bought the playstation 2,because I was interested in GTA3 at the time.

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Gamecube and Melee


PSP and FFVII Crisis Core


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Dreamcast......Oh it was the shizzy.

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A PS1 with Pro Pinball: Timeshock! (bundled) and Gran Turismo when I was 11.

The first console I bought with my own money was the 3DS. As for the first game I bought it was probably a PS3 game. My second console was a Wii U!

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