The Rating Game. Crackdown vs inFamous vs Viewtiful Joe.

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Crackdown vs inFamous vs Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe is King. 31 26.96%
Crackdown Takes the crown. 33 28.70%
inFamous tops them all. 42 36.52%
WOW, I have never played any of these gems. 4 3.48%
All 3 are overrated. 3 2.61%

It's time again for the Rating Game.

Were dong Super Heroes this week. Well, their actually Anti Heroes., Huuum, well, lets just say that their Guys that blow stuff up real good. Yup that works.

The Playstation 3 / Xbox360 / Gamecube & PS2 released some of the best Action games of the  last few generations. From games with heroes with big guns to anti heroes with even bigger guns, to games that you just could not put down, don't matter mow much your hands were hurting.

Gamer's have had a stable choice of games to choose from in almost every genre of their choice. One thing that we can always count on are new IP's. 

Every year we get new IP's. Some good, some bad, some so horrid, we have nightmares just seeing a picture of them when browsing the internet. But one thing is for sure, we will always get a few gems here and there.

This week were going with 3 1st timers that we have come to love over the years, but were very hesitant to when they were 1st announced.

Crackdown - 2007

inFamous - 2009

 Viewtiful Joe - 2003

All 3 of these game had a few things that they did in similar fashion. They all had great game design to them, they all had a memorable hero and they all were all a whole lot of fun to play. 

Which was the best ? 

 Why do you love your choice so much ?

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CRACKDOWN had a memorable hero?


Voted inFamous because it's the only one I've played. Thought the original was only a 6/10 though

I voted Infamous, but i do love Viewtiful JOe :P.

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Infamous > VJ > Crackdown

VJ would be 1st if Infamous hadn't improved upon the first game

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I havn't really played Crackdown so a bit biased

Viewtiful Joe - 2003
inFamous - 2009
Crackdown - 2007


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voted infamous.
It was a great new IP near the time when the 'PS3 has no games' had just started to fade away. Even though its essentially a third person shooter, it still felt unique and refreshing.

Porcupeth said:
Infamous > VJ > Crackdown

VJ would be 1st if Infamous hadn't improved upon the first game

I think this is only about the first game.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
CRACKDOWN had a memorable hero?

LOL, In some people's eyes, I guess yes.......

I vote Viewtiful Joe! It was so colorful, fun and charming! Too bad a 3rd game will never happen!

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