Wil Nintendo Servers crash May 30th ??

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Servers crash on May 30th ?

Yes, Mk8 servers 74 41.11%
No 69 38.33%
Nintendo Network on Wii u... 18 10.00%
Doom 17 9.44%

Good question.

Nintendo definitely knows that this is their biggest game and they need to make everything perfect.

So more likely it'll crash. :P

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i didnt know it was P2P.
Interesting. Im from brazil and i use a canadian account(because we didnt have a brasilian eshop yet...)

I thougth it didnt make difference playing with a brasilian or canadian account, cos i had to connect to nintendo servers.
So is faster to play with players near to me?

Ok, i have to make a brasilian account..

I'm pretty sure there aren't enough people with a Wii U to cause the servers to crash, AM I RIGHT?

...I think I offended all the Wii U owners. I hope you both don't hold any hard feelings OH LOOK I DID IT AGAIN.

amak11 said:
Fusioncode said:
Yes, all 3 of them.

The irony of the reply... the actual Wii U sold numbers on the site

I think you need to read the title of the thread that he is responding to.

Didn't the Pokemon Bank manage to crash the network?

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mine said:

On the gaming side MK8 is a mostly "harmless" besides the voice chats. But these can be calculated and as all streams of a private game could be handled on one server - this scales also very well.

They're doing voice chat in this game?  I have been living under a rock for awhile now, and haven't heard... If so, cool! I need to get a headset.

cannonballZ said:
I would not be surprised if they were unprepared.

It wouldn't be the first time, but they're shutting down Wii and DS servers to help with the new NN servers. They're taking action to avoid what happened with  Pokemon Bank.

Funny how the internet is twisting things again.
Some people say the Wii servers are going off because the company hosting them for Nintendo is gone. Others say it's all Nintendo and instead of buying new hardware for Wii U they just put their Wii U stuff on the old servers.

I don't say any of these are true, though.
Mario Kart 8 will definitely be not playable online for at least some people when it releases. Some territories are always suffering during the first days of a game. Even if the game and servers are perfectly tested, it's all just simulations of thousands of connections.

mine said:
Nintendo has learned to SCALE after the christmas debacle. They can setup within a MINUTE new servers. I guess they might even use Amazon EC2 for this.

Back then they used akamai, for sure. Don't know what they use currently.

Mr Khan said:
KylieDog said:
Doubt it, they only use matchmaking servers, all gameplay is p2p.

Hopefully they use their own instead of farming it out to a Gamespy type company again.

I think that's the point of killing off Wifi connection, that they're done using outside companies to run the infrastructure.

Also, i'm pretty sure it was Gamespy, straight up.

You mean Wii?  They don't have a choice.  Gamespy is shutting down everything.  I said 'Gamespy type' because they obiously not using them again.