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Sales? FW Globally

200-350 thousand
350-500 thousand
500-750 thousand
750 thoudand- 1 million
1,000,000 plus
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On the Wii it pushed over a million in sales twice in it's first year alone. Not really sure how to check other weeks besides using the Waybackengine site.

Mario Kart DS hit about 650 thousand in one week in December.

Back in December of 2011, the then struggling 3DS did pretty well with MK7.

10th December 2011 2 1,181,930 72.8% 1,866,038

If we want to go by similar selling systems, it seems that Double Dash pushed out 200,000 alone in Japan first Week. Vgchartz does not show globally it seems.

Now, only problem is, by April of 2008 the Wii was already over 23 million units sold (1). But it was able to push out over a million twice in just a few months with having about 17 million more systems on the market than the Wii U. Plus several months with 500,000 or more. Back then there was no talk of Wii failing and there were plenty of games available. That is not the case with the Wii U. This is going to be one of the biggest games on the system! We have all seen the Trailers and directs. They put a lot of effort into this game. There is no doubt that most Wii U owners are picking this up.

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
12th April 2008 1 1,084,638 N/A 1,084,638
19th April 2008 2 573,523 -47.1% 1,658,161
26th April 2008 3 366,029 -36.2% 2,024,190
03rd May 2008 4 1,528,437 317.6% 3,552,627
10th May 2008 5 617,769 -59.6% 4,170,396
17th May 2008 6 409,923 -33.6% 4,580,319
24th May 2008 7 324,969 -20.7% 4,905,288
31st May 2008 8 219,884 -32.3% 5,125,172
07th June 2008 9 195,927 -10.9% 5,321,099
14th June 2008 10 177,553 -9.4% 5,498,652


So with all that, what do you think? Can it get close or pass 1,000,000 sales week one globally? I think the hype, advertising, and how great this game is will push it beyond. Donkey Kong, Pikmin, and Mario have nothing on this. Some on Vgchartz seems to think that MK Wii can even beat the top Mario game on that system.

If we are saying it is more popular than Mario...Super Mario 3D world which is about to break 2 million WW, is ranked about 60th among fellow Mario titles, it only pushed out about 250,000 Week one globally. But I am going to bet that many did not care about that game. Only afterwards did it have legs. Mario Kart 8 will blow that out of the water.




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Bet reminder: I bet with Tboned51 that Splatoon won't reach the 1 million shipped mark by the end of 2015. I win if he loses and I lose if I lost.

chapset said:

We only get one MK a generation.

I seriously doubt it.

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spurgeonryan said:
chapset said:

We only get one MK a generation.

And one smash, 400-500k Is my bet gg

Bet reminder: I bet with Tboned51 that Splatoon won't reach the 1 million shipped mark by the end of 2015. I win if he loses and I lose if I lost.

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Doubt it.

My fanboyism says yes but in reality... It will probably be a nope T_T but it will put up a fight none the less!


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It's not the holiday season, so definitely not.

I expect around 350K or so week 1 and then steady weekly sales of around 40-70K until holidays where it REALLY takes off.

No. I think 500k-600k, but if it hits 1 mio. i would be positively surprised!

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Nope. A 450k seems more likely (I'm being optimistic and generous)

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