Would you like Mario Kart and Smash Bro to have additional DLC?

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DLC for Smash and Kart?

Yes for Smash 9 5.73%
Yes for Kart 22 14.01%
Yes for Both! 74 47.13%
*** off DLC 36 22.93%
I don't care 8 5.10%
too hard to decide/results 8 5.10%

Assuming there won't be another Mario Kart and Smash Bro until next gen, would you like Nintendo to continue supporting the games with more content they couldn't add because of time constraints? In my opinion Nintendo games are released so infrequently (Mario Kart and Smash Bros in 2008 haven't seen a home console sequel until 2014) that it would be nice to have free or accordingly priced DLC so fans can enjoy new content. I mean the Olympics, freaking Olympics, are more common than a new Smash Brother game :-/

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Smash Bros. absolutely not, Mario Kart maybe.

Smash probably only in the form of items and stages. Mario Kart absolutely positively w/o a doubt. Every 3 months get another new + retro course for $3.99? Um, yes.

Smash Bros: Nope.
Mario Kart: Why not? If they announce a DLC with 8 or 16 new tracks in a few months, i would definitely buy it (if not overpriced)

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Nope, I dont want Smash Bros to be like Playstation All Stars


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Free DLC. Paid DLC can go fuck itself.

In case of MK.. They should...and they will

What's everyone opinion about the weekly or daily downloadable custom stages in Brawl? I got one that was the shape of SNES controller!

sethnintendo said:
Free DLC. Paid DLC can go fuck itself.

If its free I would welcome it with open arms...if not, then I would probably pass on it. I would prefer that effort to be spent on new games instead of DLC. However, if we do see some DLC then it wouldn't really bother me too much.

Basically I just don't care about DLC...