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It's like you want me to quote with your sig or something.

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J_Allard said:
It's like you want me to quote with your sig or something.

Yeah, well...Have you seen Windfall?

Aw man just wait til you play shenmue then you'll really be loving your dreamcast. You should also get skies of arcadia, virtua tennis, sonic shuffle (if you like mario party), and crazy taxi (teeen in tweeeeentyten!).


NintendoPie said:
I thought this was going to be about somebody losing their virginity.

What's with these tricky titles today?

That's why you shouldn't get too excited over a VGChartz thread.

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Zisbest said:

I fulfilled one of my biggest wishes and bought an almighty Sega Dreamcast today.

So far I am enjoying Headhunter. A pretty nice game which I got along with the console.

But... the icing on the cake will arrive with Sonic Adventure, Shenmue I and II and Phantasy Star. (If you have any game recommendations let me know)

Btw. If you didn't buy a DC until now go out and get one. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.


6th Gen Party hard:

First off welcome to the Dreamcast team, second if you ever decide to go online with PSOep2 I have everything needed to play online Broadband adapter, keyboard, mouse.. So let me know and I'm good to get on and play some Dreamcast online. Also the host websites are schthack and silverant for pso


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Most interesting gen IMO

You NEED to get an Xbox. It had incredible exclusives. Really - INCREDIBLE.

And you'll see it SMOKES the PS2 in everything.

I recommend Echo DOF.

The Dreamcast was amazing, but a lot of it's best titles were ported elsewhere after it's demise.

Shenmue is great, it's quite slow paced but is a lot of fun once you get used to Ryo's tank-like movement. The sequel is more action orientated and addresses some criticisms of the first game.

Soul Calibur was amazing, probably my favourite fighter ever. Although it has had 4 sequels on other platforms since the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was amazing for fans of the fighting genre.

Crazy Taxi was a great pick-up and play arcade game. Has an amazing soundtrack, that isn't in the newer ports of the game.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica was a really strong entry in the series, although it was later ported to PS2 with additional content.

ChuChu Rocket was the first online console game I played. It was given away for free in Europe and it's a great multiplayer puzzle/party game.

Powerstone 1 & 2 are awesome multi-player brawlers. Great with friends, I'd put it on par with Smash Brothers in the genre. This franchise so needs a reboot.

Phantasy Star Online - This game single almost handedly made me drop out of college. Addictive MMO that was an amazing technical achievement at the time, given the stability and the fact it was running on a 28k modem. Later ported to Gamecube/PC. I'm still hoping the sequel makes it across from Japan.


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- Quantum Break
- Cyberpunk 2077
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- Final Fantasy XV

Skies of Arcadia and Jet grind (set) radio is a must! I also liked Evolution when I was a kid...

Phantasy Star Online was best when the servers were up. Game was like crack. I ate and slept with that game and failed many classes.

Typing of the Dead is one of the best games ever. Get the keyboard.

Canon Spike and Berserk are pretty good too


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