Batman: Arkham Knight announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

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superchunk said:
No Wii U. Guess I'll never play the finale.

I am right there with you. No Wii U or PS3 means no Batman for me.

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when this game come out i will buy a ps4, along with infamouse, and the witcher 3, i'm ready for nextgen.

superchunk said:
No Wii U. Guess I'll never play the finale.

ah, c'mon man.  join us on ps4.  everyone else is doing it!!

Scarecrow is awesome. 8 or 10 years ago I sold an old Batman comic in great condition that had the first appearance of scarecrow to someone for 15 bucks. What a giant mistake that was....I bet it is worth more now after Arkham games and Christian Bale movies.

pezus said:

Can we assume Batman will also be on the cover of OPM this month? There was supposed to be an announcement of an important PS franchise coming to PS4.

i'm still guessing a GTAV port or DarkSouls 2 port.

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Trailer was pretty cool.

Other then infamous, it may be the first game I buy for the PS4 that isn't out for the PS3 also lol

Blinker said:
Personally I'm getting tired of Batman games. I really hate how Warner Brothers refuse to give any other character his own game, and don't they say those characters aren't famous, cause that is not a good excuse.

Ummm... yes, it is a good excuse.  Why make a game about someone no one knows or cares about.  They're in the business to make money.

WagnerPaiva said:
Also, this confirms that the wiiU is not next gen?

No, it does confirm that it's not worth their time, effort and money to down-port and modify it, however.  It would probably be more work to get it to run on Wii U than either of PS4 or XBOne individually, while selling a fraction of the amount.

Jesus this looks unreal. Now this is what i'm talking about. The 8th generation is going to be amazing.

I can't wait for the next Mass Effect :)

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Please be better than The Dark Knight Rises. I am a little bit worried because i hate driving in games

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