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Netflix still hasn't launched in Germany, but Amazon Prime Instant Video starts here in 2 days... I'm still not sold to the streaming idea, but with €29 for the whole first year, I will give it a try... much much cheaper than Watchever €9 per month, so over €100 per year.

According to Amazon.com, that service is available on 360, XBO, Wii, WiiU, PS3 and PS4: http://www.amazon.com/gp/video/ontv/devices#Game%20Consoles

I have 5 of these 6 consoles, so which one is best suited for these steaming services?

The WiiU? It has less power consumption and should be quieter than 360, XBO, PS3 and PS4. Infos like chapter, time, audio settings could be displayed on the screen of the tablet controller instead on the main screen. Perhaps even off-tv is supported. HD streaming should be no problem.

Or the Wii? Even less power consumption and a more tv-like remote... but can it handle HD streams?

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As of right now in my home? The PS3.

Only because not only does it run Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc... extremely well (arguably the best with Netflix), but it also has the best support for reading media file types. No issues popping in a thumb drive with some videos on it and expecting it to run. 

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I don't use many streaming services, but from what I have heard, the PS3 is the best console for media services like Netflix, I've heard people say the WiiU Netflix app is pretty slow, but it could have been updated since then. 

Also, I don't think the Wii would support HD streaming, But I've never tried to use Netflix on Wii so I could be completely wrong.

For me personally it's the 360/One because it has the FIOS app so as a FIOS customer I can stream HD TV to my console without the need for a cable box. Idk what would be the best for everyone else though.

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I think the PS3 has the best service (haven't tried PS4 yet). It's faster and it plays more episodes consecutively without me having to input anything. Wii U is a close second because of the second screen option.

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Wii U handles HD Netflix streams just fine for me, no idea about Amazon Prime tho.

Does Amazon Prime charge you for adding additional stream options?

Netflix is the same price for me across PC, Wii U, and 3DS. 

Why not just try it on all of them?

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Vita. No games = no distractions.

Xbone.... You can snap Netflix while you play games, watch TV, browse web. You can also stream two things at one time. Stream YouTube, crackle.. etc, along with Netflix. All combinations are possible.


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badgenome said:
Vita. No games = no distractions.

Can't go wrong with this option!

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