were could the next assassin's creed take place?

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badgenome said:
Damkos said:

That's, like, the first assassin ever!

Never really thought about that. But now a whole scenario came to my mind - you play as Cain in the early stages of the world: Adam, Eve, altars, al that stuff. You LIVE the bible.
Of course, I don't think of it as a full game, but rather an episode/early memory.

Now, If Cain is the assassin, then is Abel the first templar? :)

Other way around. Cain is supposed to have been the first Templar (or at least his mark became the symbol of the Templars), and he killed Abel to steal the Apple.

It's strange that the first assasination in the world (according to bible ofc) would be carried out by a templar, not the assassin.
Some may not know that Abel and Cain had a sister, Set. I'd love to see her in the game.

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As long as it has boats, Im happy.

Would be more than happy with another piratey adventure.

inside human body.
Connor gets miniaturized and introduced to a person he has to kill. The action happens inside the victims body.
You can move freely in it using parkour abilities.
This way you can also learn a lot of anatomy.

vivster said:
veritaz said:
vivster said:
veritaz said:
vivster said:
I don't think they will be going to Japan any time soon. Because that is what I want and no video game company ever does anything I want. Maybe China just to mess with me.

I think the French revolution is a good bet for the next one. Going through the audio logs in ACIV there is also some major stuff happening in Nazi Germany but I'm skeptical that will happen soon.

What about Egypt? A picture was leaked from Ubisoft a while ago, It looked like a next gen Prince of Persia game because it was set in Egypt. Turns out a picture of the same setting was used in ACIV. They even talked about assassins from ancient Egypt in that picture.

I assume you mean this pic?

If so, there are numerous pics and texts in ACIV that hint at A LOT of possible future ACs. Egypt is just a single one of them. I don't think the possibility is very high because that is pretty much the only mention of Egypt at all.

That's the one in the game. A picture was leaked of that character in Egypt and it was in game. This is the only one I can find.  http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/write.ign.com/141181/2013/12/AC5.jpg

That one I didn't know. Looks real but could be a muck up. I wouldn't hold my breath but I would love the shit out of it. Much better setting than 3 and 4

That picture was leaked before the game even came out. Everyone thought it was the next POP game, I just don't see it being a fake when the character is the same in both pictures.

British ruled india would be interesting

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Hopefully Egypt or China.


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Ancient China and Egypt would be my choices. Roman Empire would be fine too.

kowenicki said:
pezus said:
There are incredibly many locations it could take place in, really. I want one in the Viking era and also in the Samurai era.

Viking era!? Not sure the climbing, roof skipping and actually most of the game mechanics would work in an era of small timber buildings, shacks, mud huts and very small villages with tiny populations.

I'd like China early 1800's or Victorian London.  

I didn't think a pirate AC could work before ACIV. The landscape can be modeled easily to make up for the lack of tall buildings

In Lisbon would be cool

Hoonestly, after AC3 and 4, i dont care anymore. The series lost its magic when it moved away from the crusades and renassaince era. After that it just went for cliches meant to sell alot with the US market.

Personally, i would like for them to retcon the story after AC2 and choose a good historical location like egypt to carry on the story. With Desailles gone this series spiralled out of control.