MICROSOFT: Q2Results - 3.9m ONE and 3.5m 360's. Qtr Rev up 14% !! to $24bn. Qtr profits up to $6.56bn. HUGE!

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - MICROSOFT: Q2Results - 3.9m ONE and 3.5m 360's. Qtr Rev up 14% !! to $24bn. Qtr profits up to $6.56bn. HUGE!

I expect a big drop in 360. Obviously around 3m shipped ONE's and some decent news on Mobile and Surface.  Record revenue and proift for the quarter is likely.


Revenue of $24bn and profits of $6.56bn.  Incredible numbers.




Microsoft reports better-than-expected earnings

  Microsoft's shares rose on the back of better-than-expected quarterly profits


The firm reported a net income of $6.56bn (£3.94bn) for the quarter, up from $6.38bn a year earlier.

Its earnings were boosted by strong sales of its new Xbox game console and its Surface tablets during the holiday season.

The company also saw strong demand from businesses for its cloud services.

Overall, the firm's revenue rose 14% during the quarter to $24.5bn. Its shares rose close to 4% on the news in after-hours trading.

Microsoft's chief executive, Steve Ballmer, called it a great quarter and said that investments the firm was making in devices and services was driving the strong results.

The quarterly results showed a 13% increase in consumer sales. This was boosted by 7.4 million unit sales of Xbox consoles, up from 5.9 million a year earlier.

The new Xbox One, which was launched in November, contributed more than half of overall Xbox sales numbers in the quarter.

Sales of the firm's cloud programs, such as Office 365 and Azure, more than doubled in the December quarter from a year earlier, while sales of its Surface tablets doubled from the previous quarter.

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Link: Shipment History Since 1995

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Tagged, should be interesting as always.

Surely they had to ship 3.4m+ to make that 3m sell through figure (even if they didn't make it)


Yay. Every quarterly report reminds me just how small the other big 2 are by comparison. :)


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Tagging. This will be an interesting one!

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to be a boring quarter,.. we already know the most important number of interest.

This should be interesting, super tagged.

Tagged. They posted record numbers last time out. Will the trend continue. Microsoft numbers are just astronomical.

Cant wait to see what the ONE shipped!