Prediction Time: Kirby Triple Deluxe First Week Sales? (Japan)

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How much do you think the Pink guy can do first week!

1st appearance on 3DS (Finally!)

Get Hyped


I'll go with 95k First week! (i hope more but its after the holidays)

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I predict 128k first week

  115k-130k.. It's Kirby after all.   His games usually do very well in Japan.

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EDIT:Is this the first time the Japanese get angry Kirby?

iceland said:


EDIT:Is this the first time the Japanese get angry Kirby?


Kirby always surprises me...

But I'll say 100K...

Have a nice day...

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I'm completely unaware of any hype this game has in Japan but it looks promising so I'll go for an optimistic 180k.

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First week sales of new releases are (almost) always 1-3 days instead of a full week.

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135-150k i guess. how much did the previous games do?

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Kirby is much bigger in JP and than it is elsewhere. Squeak Squad did well on DS, although when I looked at first-week JP numbers, they were lower than I would have expected. I'll go with 160k first week.

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