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brendude13 said:
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brendude13 said:
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And yet at the same time, what I said is also exactly what happened. Which was the morale of the story.  You can sit and say "well lulz ur just downplaying cuz ur console is weak" or whatever but that creates the equally valid point that you're only making it a big deal now because the disparity exists right now. It's known as the pot calling the kettle black. Or, you're throwing stones in your glass house. etc etc.

And please, "close to a last gen game"? No need for such hyperbole if you were actually making a valid point.

Or maybe you can tell me I am wrong and you actually did not own a PS2 or a PS3 or a GCN or a Wii or a Wii U? Or a PSone or etc etc? I guess it's only this gen that a slight graphics advantage on some games matters. Why? Because that advantage is for your toy of choice. Carry on preaching down to others for being part of that same charade though, toodles.

That's not his point at all. His point was that Xbox and Ninty fans did exactly the same things when they were in the same situation.

I know that was his point. And my point is he is engaging in the exact same type of behavior, so why bother trying to call others out for it.

Then he's not just calling others out for it, he's putting everyone in the same boat. I don't recall him saying Sony fans didn't do the same in the past.

As for him engaging in the same behaviour, that's your opinion. I think his stance on 720p vs 1080p has been reasonable, and pretty much in line with what everybody thought before all this next-gen cock waving began.

I think the problem is that very few games ran at 1080p on the consoles, so saying you wanted it on your console was kind of a moot point, and as hardware evolve our expectations on it change over time as well, otherwise why have a new console generation at all? (These consoles bring much more than better graphics to the table, the entire experience of owning them is better) however for most games the graphical upgrade will be the first thing you notice... Even on the weaker console it's obvious people pay attention to it, just look how Ryse is brought up by xb1 fans every chance they got... Same for forza 5..  Now imagine a version of ryse running at a better frame rate and 1080p, it would be just ad boring, but very impressive to see! Forza with less jaggies and maybe night/day cycles! Etc...

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Actually, I got my first 1600 x 1200 PC monitor back in 1999 and have been playing games at that resolution since that time!

alabtrosMyster said:

Actually, I got my first 1600 x 1200 PC monitor back in 1999...

Which model?

All this is comparable to two guys arguing over who's dick is bigger when the difference is 1/8 of an inch