I just bought over $500 worth of eshop cards

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Shout out to cbarros for telling me about the 20% off eshop at best buy.



I opened a line of credit that gives me 18 months with zero interest.  There was a limit of 5 per customer so i bought multiple denominations.


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thats a lot of prepaids cards... I hope you enjoy your purchases!


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yay!! free codes for VGC members!!!
thx Snyps
i dont know why people talk so bad about you when in reality you're so kind
go nuts!

I thought I bought a lot

2x $50
3x $20

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And here I thought I was crazy.

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That's pretty awesome if you've got a nice big SD card to go with your 3ds altho... since they combined the Wiiu and 3DS into 1 wallet of money recently this cash can be used to buy Wiiu games now too. Pretty boss to get a blanket 20% off on games, now wait for some cool sales on the eshop too to get double savings.

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Wow. That's beautiful.

I have 2 terabytes to fill, i walked to the register with 24x $50 cards and they refused me

Hopefully they all work. xD

I'm serious i have had 2 30 day PSN trials not work on me before.