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Our captures show the game upscaled to 1080p by the Xbox One - with results that are expectedly unkind to thin objects and flickering alpha elements like trees or fence-work. It's a bit of a disappointment in this sense, and continues to dangle a question mark over the capabilities of the console's hotly contested specs when it comes to titles striving for full HD

Accepting that some compromises go with the territory of developing a launch title, the question remains: has this technical trade-off been well-judged? Certainly, the zombie horde looks impressive in its increased numbers, and the boost here means the game's core appeal - the flourishes of fantastical violence - are ratcheted up another notch. The pop-in has also thankfully been reduced since the game's E3 appearance, though textures still visibly stream in after covering ground too quickly in vehicles. Object pop-in is mitigated through the use of a somewhat curious non-alpha fade-in technique, a visual quirk that has the polygonal structure of items like cones and fences fill out as our protagonist Nick Ramos walks forward. This gives a fizzling effect to weapons and vehicles too as they're summoned into the game world via the crafting system.

With all its rough edges, Dead Rising 3's intended impact as a next-gen title is clearly dulled, but there's enough here to show early Xbox One adopters a side of the zombie-slaying experience that couldn't be achieved on current-gen hardwareThe zombie count and overall world size are impressive - amplified to a previously unheard volume where interplay with vehicles ties in appropriately with this shift in scale. However, the fact remains that the game's original brief as an Xbox 360 title is still very much felt in other areas; the pared-back alpha, texture streaming issues and jagged 720p presentation giving the impression that the series' potential is still somehow being bounded.

It's also unfortunate that the game runs at far from the promised locked 30fps - rather a chugging 20fps during the zombie action while out in the big city. Compared to the shaky E3 build seen just months ago this is still a respectable step forward, and of course many of the game's technical shortcomings come with the unique circumstances of meeting a hardware launch. All this amounts to an intriguing first attempt, then, but needless to say we're eager to see how Capcom Vancouver follows up on its sandbox survival-horror formula when it's given more breathing room with the deadline, more experience with the hardware, and factoring in the next-gen platform's strengths from the very start.

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They should have sacrificed resolution to maintain a stable framerate.

“It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.”

- George Orwell, ‘1984’

Yep I just read that article. Disappointing, especially the irregular sub-30 framerate. Because now we know most XOne games won't be FullHD. But 20fps at times?

But a least the game looks fun and there are a lot of Zombies on screen. I guess.

They should of delayed it to improve performance, its an exclusive, there was no rush to compete with a global release.

Theres no shame in delaying a title to improve the quality.

teh klaudz u gotsta turn on teh klaudz!!!! OT: Dead Rising 3 looked to be a great game however the visuals are last gen eek :S ms e3 showed a bunch of prerendered/pc footage it seems to me.

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Damn... rental then


If this keeps up I'll turn into a PS4 fan.

DF went to a full damage control to please the "resolutionists".

Itīs amazing that the GOTY so far, GTA-V, has terrible stream issues, none AA, atroxious loading times, however a much more mature developer with 6 games and 8 years of experience with the current hardware could do.

Of course this game is not a visual benchmark. Itīs a open world sandbox for a new console. Look at Dead Rising 1, it was terrible, Dead Rising 2 was a reasonable improviment, but noting visually compeling.

Of course it was rushed. DR3 will get a TON of patchs and fixes.

I donīt think fans of the series would be concerned

I was more hyped for this than Ryse. Even after this news I still am B]

Still looks like fun but the technical issues are underwhelming. Looking forward to reviews.

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NYCrysis said:

 ms e3 showed a bunch of prerendered/pc footage it seems to me.

No they didn't. The E3 build was even worse and this is also what the op says.