Honest Opinion: Do you think Call of Duty is a bad series?

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I honestly don't think it deserves all this criticism. Yet who am I to talk never having bought any of the games, just renting and getting them for free (Black ops & Ghosts).

Having not played COD for a while, Ghosts is actually a pretty fun game, not a masterpiece and not in my likeness as much as Battlefield, but it's still a fun game. What are your opinions?

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Like every other game, it isnt a game for everyone.

I havent played a game in the series but if given the chance I would. (No plans of getting it myself :P).

But I dont think its a bad series - infact its helped the gaming industry gather attention unlike in the past generations prior to it becoming a huge series.


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It's a boon to gaming.

The entire series isn't bad. I genuinely enjoyed the original Modern Warfare. There's been an incredible lack of inspiration since that game, though, and it's been a mostly bland sightseeing tour as far as the single player is concerned, and very little change as far as the multiplayer go.

So, has the series been "bad" since the original Modern Warfare? Yes.

No, call of duty has overall been a good series. But I believe it's quality is parabolic. The max being 4, and then every subsequent one getting worse and worse.

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It is a good series when you compare it to the shitty amount of games this generation has had for the past few years... Its online is fun, its Single player is better than Bf 3 and 4 combined and its a good way to teabag 10 year olds without going to jail...

Has it run out of its wowness since mw2? Of course but same can be said for most games... The only reason many people hate Cod more is cause its a yearly release rather than what EA does with, BF being good and Medal of Honor being shit


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No. Call of Duty encapsulates what gaming has always been truly about. Sitting on your couch and just having a good 'ol time while messing around together with friends (online or off). That's the reason why COD does so well and brings so many people into gaming, because it harkens back to the old days of playing with friends and competing with others.


No, certainly not. It provides a fast-paced multiplayer that many people really get into, and it packs plenty of over-the-top flash in single player.

It's not for everyone (including myself, I'm not really a CoD fan), and it doesn't innovate dramatically from entry to enty, but when it's selling 20+ million every year, it's clearly doing a number of things right.

It's not a bad series, but since mw1 nothing much has changed. For me, the game has become too stagnant. ..

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