Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who's not buying a Ps 4 or Xbox One this holiday? Why not?

buyin' a 4BONE?


There must be atleast one other person not buying besides myself.  My reason is I decided I don't want to be a multi-system owner anymore.  I already chose Wii U. Their classics combined with a few really good action titles are all I need.  I also have my PS360 and PC.  


Roll call. Who's not buying a Ps 4  or Xbox One this holiday?

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No $ or € for a new system. Though in XB1's case, no desire to get one. PS4 and Wii U sometime late next year, I hope.

Me. Not going to release here before the holidays .

Well, I could import one but the reason I'm not going to do that is that I have important exams coming up in early January

No interesting games i can't play somewhere else

There ar billoions who. Are not buying besides yourself.

I am not because of money and I have a wii u on layaway.


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Me just $$ or I would have preordered an Xbox One already.

In all fairness it seems most of the new games are coming out in 2014 anyway.

Plus I still have a bunch of great games on my Xbox 360 to play.

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I'm not. Already swamped with games as it is (huge backlog to get though). And none of the launch/launch window titles are that appealing to me.

Will get a PS4 when FFXV/ KH3/ MGS V/The Last Guardian gets a proper release date.

Me, I got no money.

I won't find a PS4 in stores in launch week so no for me

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No for me, this is the first launch that I have missed(besides the WiiU) in consoles in the last 20 years. I just don't NEED one of them yet. I will get both at some point though.