Sony expects to immediately recoup PS4 hardware loss

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Getting 3 games, (I already have PSPlus) the new PSEye + Move controller. My GF (who also is buying a PS4) is getting 2 games and probably an extra controller

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R&D should be much lower than the PS3 but still quite expensive. Like you said who knows how long it will take for them to make an actual "profit"

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well, hate to break it to you Sony, but not everyone uses PS Plus/pays for Online.

Yeah, too bad for sony... they wont profit from me because i wont buy ps+ just two games and an extra controller

Actually they'll probably profit from those 2 games and 1 extra controller.  Accessories (I've worked in retail) always bring these companies their biggest profit, so does software.  You're doing them the same favor, just in a different way.

Haha... that was exactly my point. Read the post i was responding to. He made it seem like ps+ was the only way to profit since that was the only thing specified

I read your post incorrectly, I thought you wrote that you WILL purchase those things.  Moving along...

cheesecake said:

well, hate to break it to you Sony, but not everyone uses PS Plus/pays for Online.

Yes, but not everyone is going to buy only 1 game either.  So those who don't get PS+ will be offset by those who buy multiple games and/or extra accessories. 

Kasz216 said:

So they aren't counting R&D in "Hardware loss".

Still, only $60 loss. That's quite impressive considering the specs. It will be interesting to see if that turns out true. (Seems hard to imagine considering assembly, packaging, shipping, advertising.)

So who knows what he's including/not including in the statement.

Yes I agree with this. Sony did really learn their lesson, $60 is really low if you consider the specs. Wonder if it will have a small price cut in its second year..

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Gotta admit, they played it safe, and in doing so, smart, this upcoming gen.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

It won't be hard for PS4 to make money as it was with PS3.

for comparison's sake, does anyone know how much do the other guys take a loss on their consoles?

MS is supposedly going to break even at $499 with X1(but who knows now after their whole scrambling to up the specs thing) and I believe that Nibtendo was taking like a $25 loss with eac Wii U sold a while back. Nintendo said something like they would break even if each customer bought 1 game with their Wii U


OT: $60? I'm impressed

Only a $60 loss is great when you compare it to the $200 loss with PS3.

Keep games coming and get a big PS+ userbase and we will be seeing big profits in the next few Years!