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After delay into 2014, Lionhead Studios says it has no plans to bring high-definition update to next-generation console.

Lionhead Studios has no plans to release Fable Anniversary on the Xbox One even though it will now be released in 2014 instead of this fall, producer Craig Oman said today on Twitter.

"There are no plans to bring Fable Anniversary to Xbox One," he said, pointing out that Fable Legends will be released on the next-generation console.

Lionhead Studios today announced a delay for Fable Anniversary, pushing the high-definition update of the original Fable to February 2014.

Fable Anniversary includes the 2004 original role-playing game and its Lost Chapters expansion and will not come to PC.

The game will have an entirely new lighting system, powered by the Unreal engine, as well as all-new character models, textures, materials, and new facial and cutscene animations. It will also feature widescreen support and remastered audio for surround sound setups.

All content found in Fable and its Lost Chapters expansion will be included in Fable Anniversary, though Lionhead says no additional quests or content will be added to the new version.

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/fable-anniversary-not-coming-to-xbox-one-6414438

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It would have been a great digital store download.

I love Fable 1. Day one.

Never did do Fable, but might have to.

Fable was one of my favorite franchises before the third one and that Kinect thing came out. I remember playing through the original like four times. I'll probably pick this one up since it looks like a full remake rather than an HD upscale.

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Bumped until 2014, eh? Usually, I hate when a game I want is delayed but, in this case, I'm okay with it.

I'm okay with the delay also and there is no need for a X1 version since it will get its own Fable game pretty soon. Maybe a enhanced version of this enhanced version will end up on the X1 marketplace someday.

Maybe they are planning a Fable trilogy on Xbox One.


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Personally i think not bringing it to XboxOne is a mistake. They really should bring it out, as that gives people another game reason to pick up the console, and those that love Fable will want the "HD" treatment even more than a bog standard HD treatment.

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I'm sure it will end up on the X1 eventually not as retail game but as a Marketplace game as a enhanced version of this enhanced version with extra contend.