How do you feel about the fast food strike in the USA?

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So, apparently, this is a thing.  Fast food workers make about minimum wage and now the are demanding DOUBLE what they were making before.  I don't know how I feel about that.  On one hand, they have to make a living.  On the other had....well, let's hear what you guys have to say.

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My personal opinion on the matter--you could train a chimp to do their job. Meanwhile, there are SCHOOL TEACHERS, COPS, SOLDIERS, ETC that don't make $15 an hour. So, no. Fast food workers don't deserve $15 for a job that can be handled by high school children.

TBh minimum wage is a joke but most people where I live make at least 1.50 over the MW level.

However if these people really want to make more money then they need to go out and get a better education and work for the extra money in other fields.

Its what made me decide to go back to college, that and every job pretty much requires a degree to move up.

Like I said in the OP, I can understand people trying to make a living and pay their bills but there was a time where I worked three jobs! One of them paid $6.50 an hour. I didn't complain about wages. I bettered myself. Maybe there isn't enough good jobs to go around but, the way I see it, if McDonald's doesn't pay the bills, either get a better job or get another job. They pay what you agreed to be paid, right?

Same reaction as Reggie to the PS4 and XBOne's launch lineups.

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These types of jobs are for kids, who are more than happy to make minimum wage.

They are well-paid IMO, takes no skill at all to put some fries in a carton. Don't make enough cash, get another job or don't buy shit you don't need. These morons just want to live above their means.

"hey hey, ho ho, $7.40's got to go,"

I would make it $7.00 then. TBH whats wrong with 7.40 for standing around and chatting with colleagues? Its neither mentally challenging nor is it hard physical work.

Where I live Burger King once had a deal with Pringles when you buy a Pringles can you get a coupon for a free burger.

This was advertised in Burger Kings own King Magazine with a super small (10% of original coupon size) image of one of the coupons. I ripped it out of the magazine and gave it to the BK worker and got a free Burger. THATS how smart you have to be for their job.

So again I would make it 7 instead of 7.40  chances are high they would be happy with it because they dont understand what happened.

People should be boycotting this food. It is so bad for your body, especially after you are over 25 years old when you start to become little less resilient. It kills your heart.

Definitely not double, but I think for people who have worked their for 10-20+ years as a manager should be able to make double. Someone can make more money doing dishes in a restaurant then a manager of 20 years at a fast food restaurant.

To be honest.

The cry for $15 is a ploy.

Do people honestly believe that they are outright demanding that and expect to get it?

They are anticipating negotiations and apparently come to an agreement which will in the end result benefit them.

The minimum wage right now is $7.50 right? I'm pretty sure their hidden goal is to make it at least $9 or $10.

But in the end....the prices for all other services/products yeesh is gonna skyrocket if that happens.


I also did not know there was a fast food strike until I saw it being mentioned here few weeks back.

Anyways, doesnt affect me so much since I dont eat fast food anymore.

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