Forums - Sony Discussion - SCE Japan/Asia press conference to be held on 9/9

Details on PS platforms incoming. That's actually right around the corner. Predictions?


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Holy crap. That is damn close.

Please add some JRPG's Sony. We have yet to see any proper JRPG's.

late december release date anyone?

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Goddamit Sony, present atleast one fu@#ing AAA game.

Let's hope they presented all that Indie stuff and waited until TGS to present more AAA games. After all, TGS is the second most important videogame event of the year.

Also, I want at least one AAA game for the Vita. (Gravity Rush 2 or Patapon 4)

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Is this the TGS show?


Isnt TGS like a week or so after that?

Edit: Its actually the 7th, so I am guessing this is part of TGS.


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Link is bad.