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i think this will more likely lead to companies realising even a crappy game can sell 1 million on the wii, so theyll continue to make crappy games..

theyre not suddenly gonna think, oh if our bad game can sell 1 million, why dont we put more effort in next time

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how many of you have played it then?

No matter how bad the game is, the idea of playing carnival games with the remote was an instant seller, especially to casual gamers and at a budget price. People tend to buy things they're familiar with (hence EA's success) and everyone has been to a carnival at some point.
Its just a shame a better developer didn't see the potential first.

Personally I have played it in 4 player and it was actually quite a laugh, but its not something you want to play more than a few times.


@Man. I know what you are saying but the company behind this couldnt have made a good game no matter what they did, they lacked the skill and budget and they just got lucky with this one. Nobody is going to look out for their name as if its some seal of quality after playing carnival games untill they get good reviews and hype.

Maybe now they have had some success they can invest in better developers/programmers/artists and actually make a good game. then we're all winners!

My cousin bought this game for his daughter.

This is totally the game a parent buys for their kids not knowing its a pile of shit.

If I was with my cuz I would have made him buy Mario Party 8 for his daughter instead..

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



my wifes boss also bought this for their kids, along with the Wii at xmas (bundle) - it ensures that younger kids also has an interest in the Wii and if a console is gonna be this gens number 1 then it needs diversity.

I get your point about devs looking at this game Man but you also have to consider is how many of those million sold will have been at either a discounted price or bundled - it's not a full price game in my local shops.

I also see it at Tesco's supermarket when I go there and it's very good for Wii brand awareness to a certain demograph of people.


isn't thise game a ripoff of MP8?

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Avinash_Tyagi said:
Carnival games is proof that the enthusiast press is irrelevant to the new market

lol, it's a good thing too, or Wii would be out of business.

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Can say the same about Sonic & Mario and Mario Party 8. Those games look like utter crap to me too, but sell like madness that I wish to punch a few WII owners around, in a manner of speaking then.

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actually, Mario and Sonic isn't bad

its even worse than MP8:S... i hate carnivals! they freak me out!
oh well another million seller


Alot of little kids liked Carnival games. Just because we as older gamers don't like it, doesn't mean the titles not viable. I'm not much for Pokemon, but alot of people love it. Alot of Nintendos success this time around is that they are taking everybody on board. The "hardcore" don't like this because they think the world should revolve around them. I don't see how this hurts anything.