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Let me start by saying I have played every assassins creed and love these games. They have a good plot line, awesome combat, and are open world which are always fun. But what i dont understand is why the newest installment of this game is such shitty quality. I dont mean to say the game itself is shitty. But this game is the glitchyest, more error prone, and animations that constantly off. The combat system also continually has animations that dont look correct. Overall it just seems like the game was rushed and is therefore not polished in these aspects. Am I the only one that thinks this? DISCUSS!

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Yep, Bugs and glitches really killed the experience for me and that's why I haven't touched it yet after completing the main story. I still think the first two were the best and since they started creating one every year the quality suffered. So I'm not going to get part 4 unless the PS4 version is more or less flawless.


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I don't remember it having that many bugs and glitches when I played it. I think the game froze on me once,but that's about it.

Yeah i agree. Its the first AC game i havent finished, not counting revelations.

I wish they would go back to the brotherhood style game

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I finished it on 43% complete.. thats how shitty it is


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Yeah Assassins Creed Brotherhood was in my opinion the best game released so far.

theman88 said:
Yeah Assassins Creed Brotherhood was in my opinion the best game released so far.

In my opnion. ACII is still the best AC game

I had to wait for patches to get platinum. The worst part that they seem to be doing away with the actual assassin part of the game. All the awesome stealth sequences have been replaced with stupid chase sequences, that is what i miss the most the series is changing for the worse. Now they are jumping on the pirate bandwagon its gonna be even further away from that. Theres a trailer a awesome trailer for the first game where a group of templars are around a table discussing Altair before one drops dead with a knife in his back, the is wat AC should be i hope they bring back actual assassinations.


I saw plenty of stuff about glitches, but the only one I encountered was my horse getting stuck in a tree, which was hilarious

The game was fine, its issues were the direction that they went in more than the execution

theman88 said:
Yeah Assassins Creed Brotherhood was in my opinion the best game released so far.

Agreed. But I haven't played 3 yet