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"The average gamer knows little-to-nothing about first-party games and predominantly buys 3rd Party games."

Ohh.. This is why Nintendo needs to go third party. They hide behind some sort of invisible wall by associating themselves with the "first party" moniker.

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The Xbox One will dominate the PS4?

Cool, I like DRM now.

chapset said:
This is what happen when you post to much bullshit, your profile commit suicide

Pretty much this. Lol

This message is approuved and paid by The mircosoft party, don't scre* your self will do it for you.

you ll rigth about one thing Xbone will domine ps4 in US, pretty much only there like this gen. And they curusly fail to win.


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Bill, come out please.

AstroMaSSi rules

Didn't have to read to know MS will dominate
But I don't think they deserve it.

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Xbox One: What are you doing Dave?

is the OP a ghost?

Oh cool, how did op do that?

This bug is just way too weird for me to let this continue.

I'm locking this. If you want to repost it, go ahead.

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