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now i was a former Xbox fanboy (if you will) before the 360. the Xbox 1 had everything i wanted in gaming, new IP's my first taste of multiplayer and much more. the 360 went the other direction and moved away alot from gameing and moved towards multimedia. this isnt a bad thing but from a games machine i want games. this gen my defult was PS3 and sony pushed out new IP's every year and games constantly. so with the Xbox One event i was thinking i know Ms are going games heavy and will shows games after games after games! ohhhh how i as wrong.



Name: Xbox one

Exclusives shown: 2

Games shown: 4

Main Function: TV

by far.. and i mean by a country mile the worst Games console show ever. the Xbox One looks like a mental good TV box and nothing else. all but 1 games was on PS4 and the one that wasn't looked a bit pants (oh and forza which looked like Forza). No gameplay. 

the new Cod on next gen doesn't even look as good as Uncharted3/TLOU/Beyond

i honestly can't believe what i have just watched. i mean really MS? REALLY? my hype for this has gone complatly. the 1 exclusive they showed didnt even look good. they say there will be 15 exclusives in the first year and i dont doubt it. The form of these exlusives though i do know. Kinect titles, Xbox Live small games and a few and i mean very few big blockbuster games. 

its weird because im honiestly just disapointed in Ms for decideding to focus on TV with the new xbox and no games. i mean... 10 minutes was to announces a halo TV series for god sake! (that by the way was the best part of the whole thing) 

they did do a few things right though! they showed the box, they made a Halo TV series and saved me alot of money i wont now regret spending! 

(i now wait the abuse, cant wait) waaayyyyhaaayyyyyyy!



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I love how you think anyone gives a rats ass what PlaystationGamer thinks about the Xbox...so much so that you made a dedicated thread about it.

Sad thing is, you'll probably get 100+ posts here from people that will start arguing with your troll thread and pretend like your opinion is worth something.

Yeah, that was pretty terrible. I know there's still more to show, but as it stands the PS4 looks loads better. MS had the perfect opportunity to one-up Sony and just blew it miserably. It's pretty baffling.

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im in two minds atm. The entertainment features are all cool etc.. but my TV kind of does that already.

The switching speed between the apps was nice though.

The crowd to me felt staged. Too many wooo girls could be herd, unless they were grown men squeeling like girls.

In the end I'll still get the system for Halo and Forza and perhaps any revived RARE franchises.



What did ps4 ? Lots of tech demos knack being the gameplay video and the rest of show was talking about the social media interaction with friends and sharing content. . that was the block of sony stuff so both were equally bad based on your point :). you wish uncharted 3, tlou or even beyond look as good as COD especially in 60 frames full hd , tonnes of explosion. nice try. btw i hate COD games

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Offline Pass confirmed too. Lolzers.

Looks like an America console only now.

http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/profile/92109/nintendopie/ Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

It was pretty awful. Heavy emphasis on voice commands, tv, sports. Not so much on games or details. This does not seem like a games console.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Sony up 9%


So Xbox one is really an "appbox". Xbox one console is hideous. But controller looks great. I didnt liked the touch pad and other gimmicks of dual shock 4. This is certain box one will be lagging behind when it comes to exclusive games.

Chark said:
It was pretty awful. Heavy emphasis on voice commands, tv, sports. Not so much on games or details. This does not seem like a games console.

LOL, i've felt like that about current gen TBH. So I am used to all the added bells and whistles.