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Hey Chartz,

I'd like to use this thread to announce some changes coming down the pipe from the mod team. It's to discuss current issues and trends that we're seeing in user behavior that are souring up this place and making the site far less enjoyable for many members, while a select few feel like they're getting it the way they want. And worst of all, everyone likes to and wants to play the victim because they think it gets them special attention and treatment; News flash: It doesn't and the mod team is going to take a stand.

From here on the following changes will be made:

1. We've been patient and open and have allowed open constructive criticism of the mod team. We feel it was best to give users the opportunity to discuss these things and help us get better. What we've found in recent months is that some have taken this liberty too far and complain and whine about every little thing we do and don't do to the point of simply trying to goad us. From this point on mod criticism in any public form will not be allowed with a few exceptions. We have a dedicated mod performance thread where we've allowed users to come in and reasonably state their case publicly if they feel it sets a new precedent and what not. We have a monthly ban thread where rules of discussion are specifically laid out. These are the ONLY public forums for mod criticism we will allow from now on. Anything in the form of threads, posts, wall posts, wall comments, article comments, game page comments, etc. will no longer be welcome. As always, you are free to PM the mod in question (or one of the other mods) to bring an issue or criticism to light. Public criticism will be moderated. This has always been a rule but now the mod team feel it's time to get strict on this as we've really just had enough with some users' antics. 

Also ask yourself this question before thinking the mod team is out to get you. What do we get from picking on you? Besides angry PMs and public slandering resulting in reduced enjoyment of the site and the occasional mild headache of dealing with these things, what do we receive? If you can come up with a good reason I'd certainly like to hear it. 

2. The general negativity on the site in all forms (people wanting to play the victim, pointless taunting, hit-and-run posts that are borderline) is driving away a lot of good posters and activity. The problem is no one thinks they are acting like an annoying prick and they are just trying to be right or clever.

Members that have left/reduced activity majorly/taken breaks recently due to this include d21lewis, sethnintendo, MarcusDJackson, Acevil, and myself (and this is just off the top of my head). Note that these members have different "allegiances" to different companies. So it isn't company related bashing. It's just general crummy user behavior.

Truth is, your behavior has a bigger effect on people than you think. "Grow thicker skin" is a cop out way of trying to make it seem okay to act like a pain. It's the general negativity that gets in the way of proper discussion and kills the jokey nature that the site has/had. I personally have thick skin. Nothing said to me these past few months has really rocked me. It isn't the insults or the complaints that bother me. What bothers me is that given my work schedule and mod duties on the site, I have little time to enjoy the site's offerings in the form of discussion and communication. When I finally do get a few moments to enjoy the site I see very little worth enjoying because the negativity gets in the way of it all and becomes the main attraction. After months of this it starts putting one off the site. While for some the negativity is a gold mine, for MANY (and I have the PMs to back this up) it's just ruining the experience of coming on here.

We put some things in place a few weeks ago and have already starting acting on some of these things and will continue to work at making sure users who just consistently crap on certain things will be dealt with. Skirting the line isn't going to be easy to get away with anymore so you might as well just not do it or even try to test it.

3. Taunting banned members may result in moderation. Going to the wall of a banned member (whether they deserved it or not) and saying something like "lol" or "you deserved it", etc. will be grounds for moderation henceforth at the discretion of the mod team. As mentioned already, this site is circling in negativity and we feel the best way to improve this atmosphere is to try and eliminate some of these unnecessary sources of annoyance between members.

4. Signatures are limited to 1.5 MB in bandwidth and 270 pixels in height.

5. Avatars cannot exceed a 1:2.25 (4:9) width-to-height ratio. Ex. If the width of your avatar is 200 pixels, the height can be no more than 200 x 2.25 = 450 pixels.

6. Do not report the same post more than once. Some users try to trick the mod team by reporting the same post a few hours after we’ve already decided not to act on it in hopes that a different mod will look at it. The problem with this is that the mods act after communicating decisions most of the time and we have other systems in place to avoid having this happen. Trying to trick us may result in moderation.

The same goes for sending out PMs to only a sub-list of mods in order to create confusion. PM’ing one mod is fine if your issue or your query only involves that mod. However, informing the mod team of something grander and then PM’ing another set of mods with something different but related won’t work and we don’t take lightly to people trying to mess around like this. You’re less likely to get help if you do this and depending on what you’re trying to do it may result in moderation for you.

7. Quote trees should be no longer than three posts. Anything more than that should be deleted. Simply click on a quote nested three layers down and press Delete. We'll make it clear if you ever exceed this limit and we see it. Persistent offenders may be moderated.

And before people come piling in and complaining about the new strictness (you know who you are), Squirtle used Withdraw; by which I mean grow thicker skin.

This thread will be updated with new rules and rule reductions as they come. 


- VGChartz Mod Team -


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Glad to see something's changing.

http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/profile/92109/nintendopie/ Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

And now you just made Badgenome and RolStoppable leave the site. Great! There goes too more fabulous members!

D21 left because of life issues, MDJ always leaves, SethNintendo is enjoying his time away, and Acevil has been gone for years. More or less. You are gone because you have a job that takes away 20 hours of your day.


OT: Great guys! You all are really working hard for us. We should all grow thicker skin with everything that we do in life and on this forum. I will grow a thicker skin and put up with these new changes. I think the avatar one is kind of un-needed though. The only person I can think of who had a huge one was MUGEN ( gone as well) and bloody rain ( unappropriate username imo). B.Rains are usually really cool.

As for sigs...what happened to Sega4life? He was our Sig control. We just need him, not any more rules that no one wants to or cares to read.

We are allowed to sniffle in this thread right? Or should we wait for Barozi's classic Mod action series of threads to disgust our dismay at this discussion?

If we are supposed to wait, then just act like I just wrote nothing, if not, then not.

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I support these changes. Things have gotten way to damn toxic around here.

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postofficebuddy said:
I support these changes. Things have gotten way to damn toxic around here.

you know what else is toxic?






Toxic is part of the experience of being on the chartz.


@ Chocoloco


Easy now man, you will get in trouble. This is not the Hockey thread.. Damned Black hawks!!!

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This seems like a step in the good direction. I hope it makes watching and commenting on the coming generation an enjoyable experience on VGC.

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Go on then, does my avatar need shrinking?

Carl2291 said:
Go on then, does my avatar need shrinking?

It is 2 megapixels too wide imo.


 But I am no expert.

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Carl2291 said:
Go on then, does my avatar need shrinking?

8px in height lol.